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Advocate I
Advocate I

Is it possible to parse user input combining numbers, percentages and custom entity values in one phrase?

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to solve something like this: 


A user inputs a request combining numbers, custom entity values and percentages. I need to return him a budget estimate. 


User query may look like this: "I need a budget estimate for a month long project using 10% of resource 1, resource 2 full time and 50% of resource 3". 


I understand how to interpret individual parts of such a query, but not sure how to parse the whole phrase. Doing the parts individually kind of defeats the purpose of using a bot, it's just quicker to fill out a form in Power Apps. 



Super User
Super User

Hello @vangrieg 

I don't think it's possible. Maybe you could parse all the information in a Power Automate flow (e.g: Solved: Parsing a string - Power Platform Community ( and calling it from a fallback topic: Use a system fallback topic - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Docs


Hope it helps!



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