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PVA Scalability and Use-Cases (with multiple documents)

Hi everyone, 


I am currently looking into running a project with about 150+ documents in PVA, and have run into a couple of questions.


What I've done is ingest one of the documents I'll be looking at, given every topic trigger phrases (10+ on about 220 topics) and made some general topics that refer to these smaller topics (almost like chapters and subchapters as they are done in the documents). It seems like this in any case is not very scalable, especially if it were done for multiple documents. 


One of the first things I noticed is that there's no way to group topics, or to make a hierarchy in them, so let's say that if I were looking contracts and wanted to focus on a specific part of these (for example pensions), then there's no way for me to make the overview of what topics exist easier except for making a general 'Pension' topic and linking every topic/paragraph that was a suggested topic from the ingested document here. Is this right? Is this the case because I am not using PVA for its intended use-case? Are there ways to make this easier with Power Automate and Flows? 


From what I've read very few people have used PVA at this scale/size, and it is more for simple cases with automation through Power Automate with for example order information, 


Additionally, the issue that I've run into, is that this can be done with one contract, but let's say that I had a user that first needed to define what contract they wanted to look into because only one applies to them, how would I do this? Would I first make a bot for every contract, and then make a main bot that links all of these, or are there smarter ways of doing this?


If I just ingested all documents in the same environment and gave everything trigger-phrases then surely I'd run into the issue of someone saying "what does my contract say about my pay?" then it will return 150+ answers... And it would be hell to manage and update. 


So TL;DR if I want to categorize users to access only one or two of 150+ documents, and only provide answers from the documents that are relevant. How does one go about this, and how do I scale the small-scale PoC I've made? 


I'd love to hear your views and perspectives on this.

Kind regards


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The documents we're talking about are about 50+ pages with contract information, with relatively little overlap, if that helps. 🙂 

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