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Power Virtual Agents Pricing

Has pricing for the Power Virtual Agents been announced?  We don't want to create an entire bot just to find out it isn't going to fit inside of the budget.  


Probably will be not possible @marocc .

Power Automate allows use trial + trial + trial +... to get more users and developers. Now, we can start trial just a limit period.

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Renato Romão,

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Very disappointing to see such a barrier to entry / gradual adoption.  Voice and the ability to handle PSTN calls is coming to PVA and WHEN it does the pricing point perhaps starts to make some sense. (The Omni Channel Engagement Hub Pricing point also seems to assume voice integration).  The more channels can be handled by the Bot the more likely you are to use the volume and if you now don't need a separate IVR system there is a saving to offset both in terms of IVR subscription and also required skillset.   However, a $1000 per month initial step looks to me like Microsoft shooting itself in the foot unless it can be applied pro rata for a lower number of bot sessions.  And, of course the PSTN channel isn't there yet but there is the trial subscriptions which might cover the time up until it is available.

Hi @NicholasPlant  @MattyJ_09  @marocc @PockyMaster @imick ,


I created the idea here:

Please, vote 🙂 

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Renato Romão,

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Power Virtual Agents course (+2.650 students) : English | Português

Voted - and I urge everyone else to vote as well. A base level with consumption based billing is essential. 

Hi @MattyJ_09 ,


Please, make my idea like the solution.

I'm sharing the idea and this topic to make more visible. We can get benefits at the price. 


Thanks! 🙂 

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Renato Romão,

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Power Virtual Agents course (+2.650 students) : English | Português

The latest Dynamics 365 licensing guide says here 


Default Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Digital Messaging Capacity Chatbot Session Capacity Each Chat and Digital Messaging license receives an entitlement of 50 chatbot sessions for use with Azure Bot Framework bots. Sessions are pooled at the tenant level and expire at the end of each month. Additional chatbot sessions will require purchase of Chatbot Sessions Add-on. Azure Bot Framework bots are an additional service offered by Azure (requires separate purchase) and are not included in this capacity entitlement. Default Capacity Allocation Default/tenant Chatbot Session 50 Chatbot Sessions/user/month (pooled at the tenant level)




However, it is not very clear to me that this  the 50 Chatbot sessions included per chat license (which can also be purchased as capacity addons in 100 session increments) is for "Azure Bot Framework Bots" as distinct from Power Virtual Agent bots or whether they mean that the chat license includes 50 PVA sessions. The paragraph seems to contradict itself.  It would be good if someone from Microsoft can clarify the point. If it means PVA bots then that is good news as it means that the barrier to entry is much lower than the $1000 that was floated earlier. 

Not applicable states:


To use Power Virtual Agents, you need a license for each user (a "per user license"), as well as a license for your organization (a "tenant license").


But there's no pricing for the per user license? Where can we find that? If $1000 /month is just the tenant price, what actual cost are we looking at?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

I have contacted Marketing to clarify both questions. 

Thank you!


@chass The support channel is trying to tell me that definitely 2K sessions per month is the starting price point.  That is frankly absurd. It will just kill the SMB market for this product by creating a highly counterproductive barrier to entry.  There urgently needs to be an attach license so that those using the D 365 Omni Channel customer engagement hub can purchase session in 100 session units.  I would of course expect there to be a premium for sessions bought in 100 session increments over 2K increments. This is absolutly essential for the adoption of both the PVA but also Omni Channel - the current pricing strategy will damage the market for both products in the smaller company. 



Hello Nicholas, 

I verified with the marketing team they do not have nor plan to have a smaller onboarding amounts for Power Virtual Agents. 

I have given this feedback back to the marketing team. 




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