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Separate results and check if results has more than 1 value


I had pull the answers from the Excel and had append the results to the output but in using the append, it concatenated all the results into one variable. How can I separate the results so that they are not all combine into 1 string in the variable. This is needed as I need to check if there are multiple answers. If there are, I need to ask them to rephrase the question. Would appreciate any guidance on how I can separate the results that I got from looking up on the Excel and also how I can check if there are multiple answers being return.






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Community Champion

hi @Tak103  what you can do is add a separator in your append like this



coma is separator.


Then you can use in a compose action the expression split("Yourtext",",") using the separator. So then as result you will have separated data in an array variable

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Thanks Christian. How will I check if multiple rows have been returned so that if 1 row is returned, I can then provide the answer but if multiple rows are returned, then ask them if they want to refine their question?  Thanks

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