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Share a bot with your Team - need to submit for admin approval first? - Teams Preview


So thanx to the Teams PReview recently announce I just followed the steps to publish a bot


Once verified I can invoke my own flow, next step is to share it with my teammates .

The point is, they can see the bot in Built for your-organization-name > Built by your colleagues section, but when they doubleclick on it, an error message is displayed:


The text explain 'Either the app does not exist or your org does not allow you to use it'. Taking into my teammates can already see the bot icon in Built by your colleagues section, I guess the problem is org permissions related.


My question is, do I need to submit the app for admin approval first, and get their explicit permission to share it with my teammates?


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Thank you calerof and efialttes.  Looks like there are two different issues being raised here:

  1. Raised by efialttes
    1. See the bot showing up in app store ‘built by your colleague’ section but cannot install the bot 
  2. Raised by calerof
    1. The bot does not show up in Teams app store ‘built by your colleague’ and cannot open the bot 
    2. Checked admin policy and 'Shared Power Virtual Agents' is allowed 

@calerof and @efialttes  could you share your bot's Teams app manifest with us in the most convenient way for you?  I have private messaged you my email address.  You can download the app manifest following instruction here:


Any progress here ? I cant even test properly because the error: The app may not exist, or organisation may have disallowed you from using it is displayed.


Tried everything in this thread so far.

Hi @stephenyoung89 , thank you for reporting.  We are investigating issue currently.  To confirm you are unable to open the bot and sees an app not found error.  Could you confirm that your organization has not blocked 'Shared Power Virtual Agents' in the Teams admin center?

Thank you everyone for reporting.  We have looked into the issue and discovered there was an outage on a service that we depended on last week.  This results in bots created during that time frame will not be able to be opened in Teams directly via 'open the bot'.


If your organization policy allows you to open the bot and is seeing this issue, please go to Publish page -> share the bot -> edit detail.  Make modification to the bot detail and save the changes.  This should fix the issue and allow you to open the bot.


Thank you all for being patient and let us know if the issue persists.

@micchow ,


I followed your instructions but still doesn't work for the other users in the same Team. The chatbot does not appear in the "Built for XX" section.




Hi, So when opening the bot i now get. You do not have permissions to install this App. Please contact your IT administrator for help. 


We have restrictions in place Globally, for obvious reasons we do not want random people play with apps. However I am in group to allow third party and allow all app install groups that we have created. Does the global policy override these settings and if not can you tell me where the exceptions / all rules need to be put in place so that I can use app to test.


To be clear I work with the Global admin but we cannot find the specific change that needs to be made. Currently our org-wide does not allow anyone to use any apps at all but I am in the custom policy to over-ride this.


Additionally neither I or my colleagues see the built by your colleagues section in the teams app store even after publishing it.






I'm having a similar issue. No one can see my bot which is published to the org. Two days ago they could, I then changed the details and re-published, now it can't be found.

Thank you @stephenyoung89 and @johnbradbury for reporting, we are investigating the issue.


To help confirm this is not a by design behavior, please check to make sure 'Shared Power Virtual Agents' is allowed in your organization's Teams admin center.   You can learn more at the link here:


@micchowI have fixed it for my own user ! I have to go in to Org-wide app settings and Allow interaction with custom apps.


I now have a new issue, My colleagues cannot see built for your organisation. When they add the bot using my shared link the get the following error. To clarify this person I shared the bot to was not only a member of my Team the bot was assigned to .... it was a global admin ! The documentation for power agents seems a littlepoor in some areas regarding permissions in your tenant.






Hi @stephenyoung89 , if you share the bot with your team, the bot will show up in Teams app store built by your colleague section, only teammates from the same team of the bot can find the bot in that section.  To get the bot to show up in built by your org section, it would require admin approving the bot submission.


Looks like your colleague is a teammate and was able to install the bot but the bot responded with no access.  This looks like a bug as teammates should always have access to the bot.  Let me private message you to get more info.

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