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Use of variables in pva

I am creating a bot using power virtual agent.

I have some doubts it'll be great if you can help me out. Thanks in advance 🙂

  1. can I change the value of a global variable in a topic, which is not the topic in which it was created ?
  2. how good is the NLP/NLU aspect of PVA? I personally didn't find it very effective, may be its because I am still new to this. Do you have any tips for making it more efficient?
Regular Visitor

Good question! I can speak to both questions but hopefully someone else can chime in as well.

1. You can change the value of a global variable within another topic, however, I believe the only way to do this is by using the ask a question node. Therefor, your global variable will be set to the users response. I do wish developers had the option to set the value of any variable within a topic but to this date I haven't seen that functionality anywhere.

2. This seems to be more of a subjective question but as I have experience working with a few conversational chatbots, I'll offer my opinion. What I can tell so far is that the NLP used within PVA may be a bit behind some of the rest of the field (IPSofts Amelia for example). I might be wrong but I think Microsoft entered the game a little later than other vendors. That being said, Microsoft is good at making fast improvements and I think down the road the NLP will improve.


I hope that helps!

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