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Vary the start topic

When the user clicks the button on my website to launch PVA, I want it to begin at a specific topic without the user typing anything. That specific topic will vary based on the page the user is on. The topic variable will be stored on the page or can be a JS variable that gets fed to the PVA JS script.

Is there a way to pass a variable to PVA through JS in order to trigger a specific topic?

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Here's the documentation on how to autostart a bot using javascript.  I think the key would be to provide a parameter on the URL that starts the bot (in the javascript) based on the page the bot is started from.  Then use that parameter to conditionally jump to a specific topic when the bot starts.

Automatically start a chatbot conversation - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Docs

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Hi @bobisready  ,


Do you need anything else?

Is it working @Pstork1 's solution?

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- Otherwise, you can see additional information below:


First, you'll need to deploy a custom canvas that includes arguments that trigger the greeting. By default, the custom canvas calls the default system greeting topic. You can, however, create a new topic to be used as the greeting, although you will need to divert the default system greeting topic to a new topic.


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