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Virtual Agents & Omnichannel: skip trigger phrases

Hello there,


We're building a POC using Power Virtual Agents and Omnichannel. We've created bots to deal with specific scenarios, for instance:


  • Bot A: Query A
  • Bot B: Query B
  • Bot C: Query C


We've also configured specific skills and skill attachment rules, so when our customer opens a chat from the Query A FAQ article on our portal, we add the correct skill to the conversation so it gets pick up by the Bot A.


The issue comes when the bot engages with the customer and ask them to enter a trigger phrase:


new bot skip trigger.png


I've marked in red all the interactions that I considered unnecessary in this example. We know what the customer enquiry is about, we were able to add a specific skill for it and route it to the correct bot so is there a way of skipping the first 3 messages and the input of trigger phrase? I think in our example we just need to trigger the first bot question without asking the customer for the triggering phrase as we've already determined which particular bot needs to support this customer query.


new bot skip trigger2.png


Asking the customer again what the issue is about impacts very negatively on the user experience and it's something we need to sort out, so any workarounds or different ways to approach this are really appreciated.


Thank you.

Super User
Super User

Hi @fedejousset ,


When you are using the Custom Canvas Code with a PVA chatbot, you can use the bot make automatically the conversation, similar to this documentation:


You can configure inside the Greeting topic (system topics), remove the messages, and redirect to your specific topic that you manage the Welcome question. 

Maybe will work well for you.

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Renato Romão,

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Hi @renatoromao ,


Thank you for your answer, we're now customizing the greetings to improve that bit but I'm afraid we won't be able to follow the documentation to trigger the conversation automatically as we're not using the PVA chat widget but the Omnichannel one and window.webChat is not defined there (also our scenario is a little bit more complex as you can be supported by a real Agent or a PVA depending on the FAQ article you're coming from)


Omnichannel widget example:

<script id="Microsoft_Omnichannel_LCWidget" src="" data-app-id="xxxx" data-org-id="xxxx" data-org-url="xxxx"></script>


Do you know if there's a supported way of achieving this?


Thanks again

New Member

@renatoromao Did you acheive this as I have the same kind of implementation?

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