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how to achieve a dynamic column table as a response in PVA chatbot

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I have a case which needed to display a dynamic column table in virtual agent chatbot, could you guide how to do?


for example: a table with recent rolling 3 month data to be a response and show in a virtual agent chatbot, say, in May, the table will show 3 column by months named 'Apr, May Jun' data, then get to Jun, new 3 columns named 'May, Jun, Jul' will be displayed, again in Jul, include 3 columns named  'Jun, July, Aug' . how to achieve it. thank you very much!


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Jim Finch

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I'm not sure if this is exactly what you want, but you can use the Markdown language in a Power Automate flow called from a Bot action that will query a data source for content and build a table to return to the Bot.  The Table is static when it is returned, but the data will be up to date when the flow creates it.  Use markdown to format Power Automate approvals - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs

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