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Helper II
Helper II

random error

Does anyone know the cause of this error? never happened to me The bot works if I use it in a conversation and in mobile, however, it fails if I call it from the sidebar

the error is "there was a problema contacting this application"


flo premier.png




there was a problem contacting this application

Super User
Super User

Hi @IgnacioV ,


How did you get this issue on the sidebar? Did you create an app instead of using the Bot link?

Give us the step-by-step, please. 

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Renato Romão,

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the teams admin created a policy in which he added the created bot to a list of users and pinned it.

the issue happens when the pinned application is clicked only, if I use the bot from the preexisting conversation there are no problems

This may sound silly but has your admin actually approved the bot in the Teams Admin centre before adding it to the App Setup Policy (which is where you'd pin the app)? It could be that the app setup policy is also not configured correctly.


If you go to the App catalogue, find the bot and pin it, does that work?


yes, the bot is correctly approved, and the problem only happens in the pinned icon

Thanks Ignacio. I've just done a test in my tenant and created a custom app setup policy to pin the bot and it worked perfectly fine. Please see below a snapshot of my policy. I've closed Teams and re-opened it again and the bot has now been pinned to my nav bar and is working fine.


I can think of a few troubleshooting steps I'd take in your scenario - first of all, are you the only user affected by this issue or is this happening to anyone else in your organisation?



- I'd ask the admin to remove the app from the app store,

- you need to make sure that you have not shared the same bot in a team or channel - please see below screenshot of how the setup should look. It is a known bug that you can't have an org-wide PVA for Teams and have it added to a team as well,

- failing the above, I'd totally disconnect the PVA from Teams (do not delete, just click on  'Disconnect from Teams', publish the bot again, and then submit to your admin for approval again and ask them to create a new app setup policy.


Hopefully this will resolve the issue - let us know how you get on and please mark my answer as a solution if that's the case so that future users can follow the same steps 😊









I am the creator of the bot, however the administrator cannot anchor it. but I can manage it anyway. This issue happens with 2/5 users. The strange thing is that the bot works but the error message cannot be removed. I will test your suggestions and then let you know. Thanks a lot


PS: Although the bot is published in the app store, the ability to add it was limited to a small group previously selected.

after talking to microsoft support, they inform me that they will apply a global fix that solves this problem since this only affects the desktop version of Teams

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