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Cannot edit flow

Today I am not able to edit my existing flows. I can open it but it only gives a partial view of it and cannot click into anything!

flow editor bug.PNG


It still doesn't work for me.

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I switched from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Google Chrome for working within Microsoft Office 365 on-line applications and thus far I have not had any issues with editing the Microsoft Flows that I was unable to edit using IE.


I agree that the simple solution is to switch to Google Chrome.

This is fine for a work around, but it would be very nice to know the cause and also if Microsoft could help us decide whether to use Flow for enterprise work that will be put into production soon. I believe that Flow has already been GA for several months now, but it still keeps breaking!

Users moving to Google Chrome using Office 365?
Microsoft what's happening.....time for action 🙂

Hi all,


The fix for this is rolling out with the current week's deployment. Assuming no delays it will be available in all regions by Monday of the coming week.


Thanks everyone for reporting this, and for your patience while we worked to resolve it!




Now we can edit Flows but problems with 'Forms and Flow'


In an existing flow with forms, when I want to update the flow, I can not select the form anymore!!??!?!!?


When I create a new Flow (when an form is submitted) I can select the form, but when I want to store the formitems in a SharePointlist, I can not select the formitems only the FormID



HAving exactly this problem now, Windows7, MacOS, Google Chrome, IE and Safari - Whever I go to add an Action (like 'Send an email') once I click into the textboxes I get a blank page.  I cant even edit existing flows which otherwise work fine...  Is this a temporary outage? CAnt see anything anywhere else?



Hi @martincoleman,


I'm unable to repro this. The original issue this thread describes was an ie specific css issue so if you can repro in chrome then that would indicate this is a new issue you're facing.


Can you please go through the steps to reproduce this issue then on that page press ctrl+alt+a. This will bring up some debug information that should aid us in investigating what's going wrong. If you can pm the output of that to me, we can look into the issue (and hopefully give you a workaround while we work on a resolution).



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Hi All,


On this very topic, I'm also suddently facing the same issue on my Flows. I mean evetyhing was working just fine and somehow...

I cannot edit my flow as soon as the related item is located somewhere in the webpage below the "original bottom page". I mean that as soon as I need to scroll down to reach the item then once I click on the field I want to edit I instantly get a blank page and cannot do anything anymore. Hence preventing me from using Flows...


I've tried through IE, Firefox & Chrome (latest versions for each browser) and the issue is exactly the same.

Any hint to solve this?





NOTA: hereafter the link to the details of the issue I've encountered:



I am having the same issue - unable to edit the body property in my HTTP step - as soon as I click I get a blank design canvas Smiley Sad



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