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Confirmed bug with V4CalendarPostItems

I've now thoroughly tested v2CalendarPostItems against v4CalendarPostItems, and confirmed the problem only exists with v4.


Using v2, my calendar entries go in on the appropriate date in all browsers.


Using v4 and the exact same dates, the calendar entry goes in with the month and day values reversed (US instead of UK), in all browsers except Chrome.


So just to be clear, if I use v4, Chrome books my event correctly, but IE, Edge, and Firefox all book the date backwards.


The above tests are all confirmed on the exact same date values.


Hi @davidstone 


Could you provide more detailed steps? Like which action do you use? Thanks

Hi SteveYao,


Below is the code I call


Set(_StoredCalendarID, Office365Outlook.V4CalendarPostItem(Hidden_CalendarSelector.SelectedText.Value, ThisItem.Title, AdjustedStartB, AdjustedEndB, "(UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London",{body:Temp_invite, location:ThisItem.LocationDetail, importance:"Normal", reminderMinutesBeforeStart:ThisItem.CalReminderTime, responseRequested:false, showAs:ThisItem.CalendarBusyFree}).id)


As you can see, I'm collecting the output, but otherwise just using the command within a gallery on a button. I'm passing in UTC for London. The 'AdjustedStartB' and 'AdjustedEndB' are datetime variables. I have tried using the value direct from SharePoint (ThisItem.EventStart/EventEnd), and I have tried various ways of setting the variables before using them.


In the tests this post refers to, my variables are set as below


        Set(AdjustedStartA, DateAdd(ThisItem.EventStart, DSTFixAdd, Hours));
        Set(AdjustedEndB, Text(AdjustedEndA, "[$-en-GB]dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm"));


The first line adds an hour for Daylight Savings Time when applicable. The second line sets the UK format.


One thing I haven't tried is specifying the format inside the v4CalenderPostItems. However what I've found is that it doesn't matter what region I set the variable to, when running v4, there's nothing I can change that will influence the outcome - it's always determined by the browser being used.

Ok now I have also tried doing the conversion to UK region inside the v4CalendarPostItem, and it still come out in US format in any browser except Chrome.

Hi @davidstone 


I did a test and I could reproduce the issue too. Seems the V4 processing the date in an incorrect way.

You could raise an MS support ticket for this issue.

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