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Copy and paste "Initialize variable" bug

Using copy/paste on an "Initialize variable" action will cause the action to become uneditable and the flow cannot be saved because of the duplicate variable name. 


Reproduction steps:

  1. Create a New > Instant--from blank
  2. New Step > Initialize variable
  3. Name the variable "test"
  4. Copy the Initialize variable action
  5. New Step > My clipboard and select the copied Initialize variable action to create "Initialize variable 2"
  6. Repeat the previous step to create "Initialize variable 3"
  7. Click on the first "Initialize variable" action to expand it, which results in the error icon showing to the right of the action titlebar

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 7.10.23 AM.png


Clicking on the "Initialize variable 2" action will cause the same error. Clicking on Initialize variable 3 opens correctly. Oddly, creating three actions without the copy paste and using the same variable name will work, so it is something to do with copy/paste.


Note: I was not trying to create variables with the same name. I was just needing to initialize multiple variables to similar values, so was using copy/paste. 


Here is the stacktrace from the console:

common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329 TypeError: Cannot read property 'enumValues' of undefined
at t.i._renderSimpleDropdown (dropdown.js:24)
at i._renderContent (dropdown.js:18)
at t.render (defaulteditorcontrol.js:70)
at Di (common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329)
at Oi (common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329)
at Ri (common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329)
at Ka (common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329)
at qa (common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329)
at Ds (common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329)
at Is (common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329)
pa @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
i.componentDidCatch.n.callback @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
oa @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
ra @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Ua @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Wa @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
(anonymous) @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
t.unstable_runWithPriority @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:338
Ns @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Ds @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Is @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Cs @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Qa @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
enqueueSetState @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
S.setState @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:321
t.handleViewStateChanged @ cardcontainer.js:450
e._emitChangeInternal @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
g @ office-ui-fabric-react.f46fb7bb1fb837c558a1219a3be5b33d.2.min.js:16
f @ office-ui-fabric-react.f46fb7bb1fb837c558a1219a3be5b33d.2.min.js:16
(anonymous) @ office-ui-fabric-react.f46fb7bb1fb837c558a1219a3be5b33d.2.min.js:16
setTimeout (async)
e.setTimeout @ office-ui-fabric-react.f46fb7bb1fb837c558a1219a3be5b33d.2.min.js:16
f @ office-ui-fabric-react.f46fb7bb1fb837c558a1219a3be5b33d.2.min.js:16
_ @ office-ui-fabric-react.f46fb7bb1fb837c558a1219a3be5b33d.2.min.js:16
e._setStateInternal @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
e.setState @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
t._handleToggleCollapse @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
(anonymous) @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
(anonymous) @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
e._invokeCallback @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
e.dispatch @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
e.dispatch @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
e.dispatch @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
t.toggleCollapse @ designer.default.core.all.22c96141355d65fe274a473b67615845.2.min.js:1
t.handleCollapse @ cardcontainer.js:378
n._toggleCollapse @ _card.js:83
n._handleCollapse @ _card.js:27
(anonymous) @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
p @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
(anonymous) @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
w @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
I @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
k @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
N @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Cn @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
As @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Le @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
In @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
(anonymous) @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
t.unstable_runWithPriority @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:338
Ms @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Tn @ common.0c197b2f0f4c76099be0.2.js:329
Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Copy and paste "Initialize variable" bug

Hi @pcmccull,


There is a similar comment about your issue in the top of the blog: blog/introducing-clipboard-in-flow-designer-and-three-new-user-experience-updates/


And the MS Flow Staffs have aware of the bug with variables and working on a fix. You can keep continuous attention to update and review the progress of the follow-up.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Lin Tu

If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.


Level: Powered On

Re: Copy and paste "Initialize variable" bug

The issue in the first comment on that blog is not the same problem. In their case, the paste did not work. In my case the paste does work, but the bug will actually stop you from being able to save your work. This bug is much worse because the user will lose any unsaved work since you cannot fix the multiple variables with the same name error.

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