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Dynamics 365 - When a Record is Created - Infinite Loop

Hi how are you?


I have a case ongoing with Microsoft Support and will share the solution after but its a pretty strange and sever error the one what i have.


I have 4 Flows that triggers on different entities  of Dynamics 365 in the "On Create" event:


(When a record is created


Some complex, and some basic.


For example, one is:

Trigger-> When a record is created (New User in the System)

Action -> Send Email.


The others when Opportunity is created, create some files in sharepoint, when account is created, create other files, etc...


But always with the trigger "When a record is created" (Not Created or Updated)..


Last week ALL MY FLOWS started triggering on old records / records where the flow already triggered etc... A MESS...


I received alerts for the "new user" like 2 or 3 times for the same user, Files duplicated, triplicated, etc, in sharepoint.


All a mess, anyone else having this issue with the "When a record is created" trigger in Dynamics?


Its really sever that a Official trigger, trigger more than one time in the same record, it really broke all my sharepoint integration structure for 1 week already..

Resolver I
Resolver I

Re: Dynamics 365 - When a Record is Created - Infinite Loop

I seem to have had a similar experience.

The last discovery was due to the existence of a potential loop configuration.

You can check if other Flows have an effect on it.

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Re: Dynamics 365 - When a Record is Created - Infinite Loop

Same happend to me:

Trigger: CRM - When a record is created

I'm updating this record at the end of the flow.

Result: 1,4 billion executions in two weeks.

Now am using CDS trigger and actions. It seems to work fine.


Strange thing: I can see, that the trigger CRM - When a record is created fires on modified date and not on created on

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