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File create triggered flow runs multiple times

I have a flow that is triggered by the creation of a file in One Drive for Business.  The flow itself functions as expected, but the majority of the time when I upload a file to One Drive, the Flow runs two times.  The flow is reading a file, inserting data to a database, running a stored procedure, and then sending an email.  Running more than once is problematic as a result.




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Narrowed this down to the Excel Get Rows step.  If I use the File Identifer as the file name instead of selecting a specific file, it is causing a second flow to be spawned.  Perhaps getting the file causes a temporary file to be created and it thus triggers the flow again? 

I have found multiple references that say to use the file identifer so that you don't have to worry about what the file is called.  Seems like this is a bug.

Any thoughts on how to overcome this?


Also determined that if I abandon the "created file" trigger and go with an update and hard code the file name for get rows that this ALSO fires the flow a second time.  Only when I trigger based on file create and hard code the file name to be used in get rows does it properly run just one flow.

I ended up doing a work around here where I added a step to copy the created file to a consistently named file.  I then reference that consistently named file in the get rows file reference.  It then runs only one time.  So, I got my flow to work, but this is still a bug in my mind.

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