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Flow Approvals are dropping the underscore character suddenly

my dynamic fields have the underscore character and Approvals are suddenly dropping/losing/ignoring this character.  Using the same field in the email subject whith a value like "jobname_1" it is fine.  In the approval this becomes "jobname1" with no underscore.  What happened?!!  This was fine a week ago.  I'm trying to roll this out to production, have you guys ever heard of testing or change management?  It looks like something has been rolled out in Approvals that has broken this.  Please help asap!

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Could you please share a screenshot of your flow's configuration?

Do you use the "Start an approval" action to send the approval email?

Further, could you please show a bit more about the Dynamic fields that you mentioned?


I have made a test on my side and don't have the issue that you mentioned. My flow's configuration as below:6.JPG

The flow works successfully as below:7.JPG



Please check if your Dynamic field value contains the underscore character. In addition, please check if you have add other actions to remove the underscore character within the Dynamic field value in your flow.


Please also consider take a try to re-create your flow to check if the issue is solved on your side.



Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Kris, thanks for your efforts, my dynamic fields do contain the underscore character and the underscore shows up in the text of the email but seems to get dropped or lost inside the approval portion of the flow.  I do not have time to rebuild the flow, or even to provide further documentation, it's fairly complex and I have to tie this project up.  I have decided to use a period in place of the underscore and all is well (for now).  I have to say I am not at all impressed with the "flakiness" I have experienced using powerapps/flow. I have a great deal of concern that once I hand this system over to the customer it will break for mysterious reasons at an inopportune time and put their processes out of service.  Hopefully events such as this are rare.

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Kris, further information for you - the place where this seems to break is in a dynamic vaiable that contains the path to a folder.  The underscores are being dropped, it just came up again.  I use a number of different things to "compose" the path and folder names (unit number, customer code, job number) and it appears I cannot use underscores in any of those or the path in the approval part of the flow does not work.  The same variable is used in emails and is fine, it is just the approvals portion that does not like the underscores.

Morning Kris,


I have come across the same issue in my work.  See below screenshots for my dummy run. 


Like @Anonymous said this seems like a new issue as I have had a Flow definition running for a while which handled file paths on SharePoint with underscores which worked up until recently. 


We can work around it by using the Approval section of the Flow site but it would be good for my users to be able to click a link from Outlook to see the file they are reviewing.


Kind regards,





Screenshot FlowScreenshot FlowScreenshot Approval App (note highlighted)Screenshot Approval App (note highlighted)Outlook online (highlighted yellow)Outlook online (highlighted yellow)Outlook 2016 (yellow)Outlook 2016 (yellow)


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Guys. My workaround was to replace the underscores with periods which are working fine for now. I had a similar issue where spaces in a file path sent to emails via a variable had been working and then stopped working. I replaced the spaces with %20 and the problem was corrected. I find this quite troubling in that I have finished my contract and have delivered the product to my customer. He is very concerned that it might again inexplicably break at some point in the future. How can one in good conscience recommend this fir use with mission critical business processes?



Have you managed to replicate the issue using the example I provided?



Helper V
Helper V



experienced same issue here: in Outlook 2016, if there is a link to a file in Approvals, it is without the underscore. Sadly, in the mail that I receive I see the "original" message and it is present; I also see the underscore in the json of the actions.


Any news about the resolution of this issue?



New Member

Any news on Microsoft Flow replacing underscore characters?

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