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Helper II
Helper II

Flow: Existing item is modified triggers when a new item is created in Sharepoint list


How do I resolve this?


I have two flows and both are being triggered when a new item is created. Flow issue.png



Are you finding that the flow works reliably? 

I am finding that the condition Created = Modified sometimes triggers as 'false' because the times appear to be 1 second apart for newly created items:




I have an idea, I tried it, and it works, when an item is created it is version 1.0,

For that to work you need to go to List settings, versioning. You can turn this on for any list.

An updated list item has a version that is bigger than 1 and in your condition you can just use that. In my trials it:  Control (int(triggerBody()?['{VersionNumber}']) equals 1)

 works a better than:  Switch (@equals(triggerBody()?['Created'], triggerBody()?['Modified']).


@Blouwagie2 This was really helpful, thank you very much

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual


Could ypu post image of flow?

It would show how to build the control 🙂





Create a condition

First conditon type expression: int(triggerBody()?['{VersionNumber}'])

is equal to



now this is all thanks @Blouwagie2 flow.png

Great suggestion - just tested and it works well! Thank you Smiley Happy

Just adding to this, it only works when version control on the list is enabled, else the item will stay version number 1 even when it is edited: 


Hi there, 


I can't see the option of edit in advanced mode. is there another way to work with the "Condition"?


Thank you!

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this doesn't work when there are attachments on the sp list item, because with every item the Version number is adding, even when the attachments are attached in the initial creation of the list item. 

I couldn't think of any other Option, Maybe someone here can help?



Hi !


the options of Condition changed since the initial post.


When you have your condition, and that you click in the first field at your left, you can choose the dynamic content. Instead, do the same, but switch to Expression. you can then enter the expression that you would have entered in the Edit in advance mode.

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That works fine, but as soon as the sp list items have attachment(s), the flow gets triggered, but it shouldn't be.



I did an app on powerapps so sp list items can be created. There the user can add attachment(s) to the item while initialy creating it.

So I did two flows:

1. When an item is created, send email

2. When an item is changed/modified, send another email


The flows work perfectly fine as Long as there are no attachments to the sp list items. 

As soon as there are attachments, the second flow (modified) gets triggered. But it shouldn't get triggered, because the attachments are there at the initial creation of the item. 




I Need a work-around which helps me when sp list items have attachments, so that my flow doesn't get triggered unnecessarily.



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