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Helper I

Flow error: "No more capacity left"



My flow is crashing and showing the following error in console:









In my flow I have 12 parallel conditions. Within those I use conectors for Outlook, SharePoint and Excel Online.

I do not exactly understant the second errror, the capacity of what?


Have anyone else encountered this type of problem? 


Thank you!

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Delia_Laudoni,


Are your connections valid?

Maybe there are connectivity issues when working with connectors. Please take a check to update the connector again.

Besides, you could try to create the connector from scratch, see if that helps.

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.



I checked the connectors, they're good.

I start recreating the flow and when I was redoing the 6th pararlel condition I started to get errors again, but this time there are other errors, it seams like the flow is failing to load some resources (not finding them (404 error) ?) and then it's showing again the error with the capacity.


I guess becase of this "capacity error" it can not load my resources and implictly is giving me the 404 code 😞




Also I find these errors:






Image (async)		
yt	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
Ka	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
qa	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
Ga	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
As	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
Ds	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
ks	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
es	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
enqueueSetState	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
S.setState	@	common.afa5759….2.js:295
t.handleViewStateChanged	@	cardcontainer.js:474
t.handleViewStateChanged	@	scopecontainer.js:57
e._emitChangeInternal	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
g	@	office-ui-fabric-rea…91ebda7.2.min.js:16
f	@	office-ui-fabric-rea…91ebda7.2.min.js:16
(anonymous)	@	office-ui-fabric-rea…91ebda7.2.min.js:16
setTimeout (async)		
e.setTimeout	@	office-ui-fabric-rea…91ebda7.2.min.js:16
f	@	office-ui-fabric-rea…91ebda7.2.min.js:16
_	@	office-ui-fabric-rea…91ebda7.2.min.js:16
e._setStateInternal	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
e.setState	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
t._handleToggleCollapse	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
(anonymous)	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
(anonymous)	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
e._invokeCallback	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
e.dispatch	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
e.dispatch	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
e.dispatch	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
t.toggleCollapse	@	designer.default.cor…359191d9.2.min.js:1
t.handleCollapse	@	cardcontainer.js:398
n._toggleCollapse	@	_card.js:85
s	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
f	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
(anonymous)	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
E	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
O	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
T	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
P	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
wn	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
Ls	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
Fe	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
On	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
(anonymous)	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
t.unstable_runWithPriority	@	common.afa5759….2.js:312
Bs	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303
In	@	common.afa5759….2.js:303

I have done far much complex flows and with much more data parsing and I have never encountered errors.

I do not know what is happening now.


I guess I could separate each condition in a separate flow, but I need to know if this is a limitation.

And if it is, I need to know what exactly is causing it.


Thank you for your reply @v-litu-msft!



Hi @Delia_Laudoni,


The parallel conditions limit is 10, you should add less than or equal to 10 conditions, but you can add sub multiple groups input more conditions, for example:Annotation 2019-10-10 173218.png

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.



I have 12 parallel condition like these ones:



I tried with 6 also.


Sorry for the misunderstanding 😞



Hi @Delia_Laudoni,


I used to think that your conditions were contained in a complex condition, but yours seems to be parallel conditions.

How about using the Switch? I am still not clear your Flow structure, what's the function of the 12 conditions?Annotation 2019-10-14 165624.png


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

I think theirs some stuff going on in the background here. You might need to go to the Power Platform admin centre. then look at the capacity section

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