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Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

Hi @v-yamao-msft,


I created a seperate thread for this as I determined what the problem was.  It was due to the number of columns in my SharePoint list as I was getting an error on some of my runs that stated "The query cannot be completed because the number of lookup columns it contains exceeds the lookup column threshold enforced by the administrator.".  The number of columns in this list has more or less been the same since I instantiated these flows, so there was a change on the Flow team's side that changed the maximum amount of SharePoint list colums (drasticly reducing the maximum) that can be returned.  After I deleted dozens of columns I am working again, however my questions in the seperate thread I started remain.


  • What is the maximum limit of columns that can be returned?
  • How can you all make sure that customers are made aware of such changes in advance?
  • Additionally I would like to know if the on create and on update triggers will have the ability to restrain the number of columns via the OData select statement?  It seems this should exist if limits are going to be imposed.



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Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

I have the same problem.  Workflows don't consistently fire upon modification 😞

Works 100% on new item (which doesnt' help)

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Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

I don't believe this issue has been completely fixed, my Flow still doesn't recognize changes that have been made to the item sometimes.

Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

It hasn't. I just demonstrated the entire process with a microsoft service technician on the phone. He saw the whole thing first hand and he stated he took screenshots of the whole process. In my case, after you make a change to a Flow then execute the attached Microsoft Form it will NOT trigger the Flow to kick off. This has been very consistent.  The Form saves the information correctly though. Somewhere in between the two services is a breakdown. 

Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

Likewise experiencing this issue, sometimes it takes multiple edits to succesfuly trigger the action.

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Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

I can confirm this is still an issue. When SharePoint items are modified, Flow is not always triggered.

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Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

It seems like it's becoming increasingly more of an issue... When they firs said it was resolved, it was operating at a 100% for me. Now, we are starting to see hiccups. 

Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

Agreed, it the reliability of the service is not there, it's a major problem.  Interstingly I do not see this issue on Azure Logic Apps as muhc as I do on Flow.

Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

I've discussed with several technicians over the last 3 weeks.  I don't know how seriously they are taking it. Flow isn't one of the technologies listed on their service health dashbaord.

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Re: Flow not Triggering (Sharepoint Modified)

very disappointed seeing this happens, I was so ready to move to Flow before, now, I am forced to stay with SharePoint designer workflow because of this 

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