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Flow occasionally misses when a new SharePoint list item is create



I've created a few SharePoint lists with Flows attached for when a new item is created. Trouble is that some items seem to get missed out, not as in they fail when it comes to the flow, they fail to appear on the flow at all. Today I popped three through at 14:59, 15:12, and 15:15. The middle one failed, but the two either side sailed through no problem. This happens across the lists on my environment.


Has anyone else come across this? Had a good search for this problem but can't find anything.


Can anyone provide some insight as to how MS Flow listens to activity on SharePoint lists?


It's hard to justify using this for a business process if it keeps on deciding not to bother with some of the work I throw its way 🙂


I've got IT this end looking into ensuring the IPs are all white listed, but some insight as to if the requests are cycled or occasionally routed through a different IP address might help. Or if I've missed something.


Many Thanks

Community Support
Community Support

Hi Mark,


I cannot reproduce your issue. I noticed that you said "This happens across the lists on my environment", did you have several different flows with different lists that have the same issue? Is this SharePoint online or on-premise? 




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Hi Mona,


I've got four lists within the same site collection with flows attached to them. They're all in the same site, but I've created a new list in a different site, I haven't tested it thoroughly enough to notice any missing on that site yet and as I said it occasional, with seemingly no warning or apparent reason.


It's all SharePoint Online. I am using a spare O365 log in called no_reply@ to generate approval emails from, but the flow is configured correctly otherwise it wouldnt trigger successful runs. It just doesnt seem to get to or notice a trigger event.


I'm currently getting IT our end to confirm that the IP address ranges listed are whitelisted, working on the basis that it might cycle across IP addresses when checking and get stuck that way, but I don't know the full process it uses to confirm an action on a SPO list to confirm if that might be a problem.





Hi Mark,


Since you said that the issue will not occur on another site, then I think this issue is site collection specific. Please also check the permission setting on this specific site.




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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I havent come across it 'yet' on the other site.


But how would permissions be responsible for it? They would either grant or deny access to the flow checking a new item has been created, so how can it mostly run, but occasionally go AWOL?


The other site also has the same permissions, they're sister subsites of a larger collection.


Do we know the process of how Flow knows a new item has been created on a SharePoint list? I couldnt find anything explaining how it listens for activity on SharePoint or elsewhere.

Hi Mark,


SharePoint list can manage the permission on the item level. If the item permission is that only item owners can read and edit items created by themselves, then other users' accont connection in flow will not get the trigger run once an item created by others. This could be the issue. Please check the list setting.


About item-level premission, please refer to:




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Not applicable

I have the same issue, I am currently testing, i have two lists, i am the user (owner and no permissions issues), when a new item is created in list 1 it should trigger the FLOW to copy from list 1 to list 2. Without any changes, no permissions changes or any other changes, periodically sometimes the FLOW is not triggered and I have missing entries in list 2. 

I have the same issue.

Two flows, one monitoring a Microsoft Form, the other a SharePoint list.

Occasionally new items will just stop being picked up by the flow for a period of time.  No error, it's just as if the flow doesn't know there is a new item to process.

Extremely frustrating and without 100% reliability, makes it completely useless as workflow engine.  I can't rely on this product for developing eForms.

Is there any update/resolution to this problem?  I have a simple Flow that sends an approval email when a list item is added.  About 20% of the time, the Flow does not get triggered.  There is no error message, no run history - it's as if the Flow was just turned off for some time.  We just rolled this out as a business process (never dreaming it would be so unreliable) and now we have to scramble to replace it.  

I've raised two support cases with Microsoft on this to hammer the point home as they just don't get it.  They have so far blamed product updates and issues in particular regions.


I had been assured it wouldn't occur again so I submitted five MS Forms yesterday and only four triggered the flow.  Absolutely unacceptable.

"The issue is because, last week our product team has deployed some updates which caused the connectors issue mainly in Australian region.

Product engineers has fixed the issue."


Please continue to raise cases via the O365 Portal and reference this forum thread.

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