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Flow runs ok, but cannot view history



I have a HTTP reuqets trigger-based flow, which then uploads a file to Azure blob storage. Flow seems to work, although we cannot be sure because we get an unexpected error when trying to view the flow output. The error is as follows and here is the correlation ID for you to follow-up.


Any ideas?


Server/Client Correlation ID: fc43e92f-7cf0-4078-953b-a2f982054005

Error: Unexpected token � in JSON at position 0


Server/Client Correlation ID: 1ed2cb71-b714-4d02-bcf7-03ac5d46034b

Error: Unexpected token � in JSON at position 0




Paul Culmsee


Hi Paul,


For the flow run page crash problem, we are deploying a fix for it. it would be done in 2-3 days. Please try again after that.Thanks for the patience.



I can confirm this morning I can once again debug and troubleshoot my flows... so this issue has been corrected and I am very garetful to the team for doing this.


Now that I have the corrected flow I might have found another bug, with the SharePoint create file action and audio files, but will post that separately 🙂





Hmm, I seem to still get this issue. I had a flow that worked fine, but I could not see debug output (same issue). But I fixed it by removing any instance of the Base64ToBinary function, saving the flow and then re-adding it.


Thought you might like to know...




Nooo - I am still getting this issue @telu. I was recording a webinar just now and hit this issue. As soon as I added a Base64ToBinary nested function, I hit the error. 


As I was recording a webinar at the time I have the whole flow on video, so please let me know where I should paste it to..





Hi Paul,


Sorry for the inconvience, but Base64ToBinary is getting rid of because of data type compatibility reason.  @Stephen FYI or is there a workaround?


Thanks for understanding.



Ouch! I am relying on this function because I am sending content to flow from PowerApps (both video and audio) that is then pushed to SharePoint, Azure Storage or other repositories...


I also tested the Binary() function and it happens here too. Does that infer this function may also be deprecated?


@telu, this is going to seriously going to make flow less effective. @Anonymous what are your thoughts?



Hello @paul_culmsee @telu @Anonymous @Anonymous


I am still getting base64ToBinary() disappeared after saving the flow. Is there any update on this bug yet? 

My formula: base64ToBinary(triggermultipartbody(0)['$content']) 

I am getting file content (string based) from HTTP request and my flow as follows:



Quick Update on this problem is much appreciated.


Kind regards,


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