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Linkedin action forbidden

I've succesfully used LinkedIn Share an article action on my hotmail Flow account. Then I tried to do the same on my O365 account. I've succesfully logged in to the LinkedIn connector (using the same credential as used previously as  did that on hotmail Flow account), I've added the action, run flow and...403 FORBIDDEN.

Anyone got an idea why it's happening? Connector configuration is the same, linkedIn account is the same. 


"errorCode": 0,
"message": "Access to posting shares denied",
"requestId": "ZX8V2T6CKR",
"status": 403,
"timestamp": 1553441789134
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Re: Linkedin action forbidden

Hi @Mike_Guzowski, is there a DLP policy active for the environment the Flow is in?

Re: Linkedin action forbidden

@Rebetcha No DLP policies

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Re: Linkedin action forbidden

Hmmm, that's weird. No idea what is causing this. You might want to log a support ticket in this case.

Re: Linkedin action forbidden

@Rebetcha That's what I've done and I've also thought that maybe someone had faced similar issue and resolved it. Anyway I'm still waiting for product team to resolve my ticket. Let you know once it will be fixed.

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Re: Linkedin action forbidden

I have the same problem. It will be great if it will be resolved soon.