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Microsoft forms not triggering flow

Hello all!


We have a form that receives 100-200 submissions a day and for each submission the flow sends an email to the respondent with a formatted form response.


It worked perfectly up until just now,


I've tried copying the form and creating a duplicate as well as writing a new flow to connect to the new form.


No form submission seems to trigger the flow. I can trigger it with old data which does work, though.


Any suggestions or hypotheses as to why this might be happening?


Thanks !

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It seems like it's working again for us, thanks @YashPatel 

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Also here.
thanks Guys.

New Member

Do you know what happened @YashPatel ?

Community Support
Community Support

We are investigating this issue right now. This seems to be a non-isolated report. I will post updates here as I receive them.

Apologies for the inconvenience this issue may cause.


11:15am CST update: We have raised this with the product group and have engaged the right resources for investigation. I will update again as I receive more updates. 

12:05pm CST update: the product team is still investigating this issue. There will be a Service Health update posted shortly as well.

2:15pm CST update: we've restarted some services and responses should now slowly start flowing in. We do not expect missed responses to be processes by Flow. 

Final update 3:00pm CST: All Microsoft Forms responses should flow into Microsoft Power Automate successfully now. Please follow SHD# FL228460 in the M365 Service Health Dashboard for a full RCA in the next few days. 

For users with missed Forms responses, here is one possible way to processes these responses:

1. Duplicate the original flow;
2. Replace the trigger with "Manually trigger a flow", add a number input;
3. In "Get response details" action, replace the field in "ResponseId" with the number input of above trigger, and click "Save".
4. Then click "Run". In the "ResponseId" field, you can enter the ID of the responses which didn't trigger original flow.
5. The response ID can be found on form's "Responses" page, via exported Excel, or click "View results" button.


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Hi - we're encountering this issue with forms submitted yesterday (Dec 7th).  It appears this issue is not resolved yet. Any updates on the status?

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This looks like it is happening intermittently to us as well. We had at least one form submission not kick off the flow at around 9:40am EST today. But the majority of form submissions are going through and properly kicking off the flow.

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I'm having the same problem today 12/8/2020. only a few form submission triggered the automated flow. But still missing a lot of form submission today only. Looks like flow can be triggered when a form is submitted every 5 minutos or so. flow does no trigger any faster than that.

I've been using forms with power automate with no issues from March 2020.

Advocate I
Advocate I

We are having an issue where a form submission no longer triggers a flow. This process has been operational for about 12 months.


We are based in NZ if that helps?

Today, I have the same issue 
Forms trigger a flow to post information in a Teams chat, when I test the flow with data from previous runs it work fine but with a new form response is not working

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It seems to be random on when the flow is or isn't triggered!  We're located in France and all of our flows have been working fine for atleast 11 months - very minimal changes to our flows have taken place over the time period and every change is tested and has been working when released.  The fact that this automation is now seemingly unreliable causes a HUGE issue in our company.  I hope that MS is looking into this with a top priority, as I'm confident with this as a global issue that it will damage confidence in using the tools if it's not fixed quickly.

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