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Re: Missing (Orphaned) Flows

Hi Mawalt,


Thanks for the note! Worrying that an issue such as this seems not to prompt a response from microsoft. I'll leave it a couple of days and hope the flow reappears. If not, i'll just recreate it.


Thanks again 

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Re: Missing (Orphaned) Flows

This just happened to me too. All of the sudden My Flows disappeared.  When I clicked on My Flows, I got prompted to select my location - which I thought it was weird. Then nothing, no flows, what the heck? I am in Canada as well. The thought of recreating them is very painful.  How can this happen?  We are in Production already and having to recreate is not feasible. 


If anyone knows how to get it back, please post

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Re: Missing (Orphaned) Flows

Same thing just happened to me.


Logging into my account looks like I've never created any Flows, but I actually have a number of Flows running.


Can someone at Microsoft please assist me in deleting my existing Flows? I don't mind recreating them, but my problem right now is that I have no way to stop the existing ones.


Much appreciated,

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Re: Missing (Orphaned) Flows

Any solution yet? my flows are missing for 2 clients.

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Re: Missing (Orphaned) Flows


I'm having the same problem. I was testing 2 flows and at one week ago they disapeared from my flows. I can see in the history that they are successfully running.
Can i have them again, or at least could someone of the staff delete them for me?

I think it was a problem with some language configuration in my phone after installing the app. (The language in my phone were different from my laptop)

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Re: Missing (Orphaned) Flows



Just got the flows working yesterday, and this morning none there.  However I was able to delete it.... not a fun options.  This is where I found a link to delete, but that was it.  My symptom were that it was running, but no access to it elsewhere.


I went into the PowerApps Admin center, then to environments, then to Resources, then to Flows and there was an option to delete the flow.  I'd put a screen shot, but it's a pain in the butt to share something that conveys a 1,000 words quickly.  Also just noticed that no app that Microsoft has for communicating via teams, yammer and whatever that other messaging app is called has the ability to do a notification per group.  Just one type of notification for the whole app.  So having a custom notification for a special event that needs special attention is not possible, unless you are going to dedicate the entire app to that one purpose. </rant>


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