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OneDrive for Business Convert File - Error 406 Conversion of this file to PDF is not supported.

Hi there! I'm using the OneDrive for Business Convert File action to convert a .xlsx stored in my corporate OneDrive to a .pdf. The action has been working well since created, however, something changed over the weekend and the action has failed since 9/13/20 at roughly 4AM CDT. The action is failing in every flow in which it is used, without any changes having been made to the format of the .xlsx files. The values in the files update dynamically based on feedback from a form that is filled out, however, this has not caused any problems in the past. Please let me know if there is any further information that I can provide to help us get to the bottom of this.


Screenshot 2020-09-14 101324.jpg






Hello @njhowell 

Is the file content added with .xlsx format ? If not please check the same again and try it . Share me the Flow screenshot on what is the File content you have added .

If you say that .xlsx format is updated as it is and that it was working before , the same appearing issues for other flows, open support ticket for further investigation @ 



Hi @pre,

The file content to be converted is indeed in .xlsx format, see screenshot below. Unfortunately, it looks like my organization does not pay for the premium plan support, so I am not able to enter a ticket as you have suggested.


I slightly misspoke earlier - I have other flows that use other .xlsx files that have been continuously working with no issues, just the one using this specific .xlsx file are returning the error shown. So, though no changes have been made to this specific file, it looks like the issue is specifically associated with this file.



Screenshot 2020-09-14 161913.jpg

Hello @njhowell 


Please check if you are able to open the .xlsx file which is stored in One drive and if that looks good Or try importing another .xlsx file and check again if you still get the same error . 



Hi @pre ,

Thanks again for the support. In trying to troubleshoot the issue on my own, I discovered the root cause of the issue. Within the .xlsx I was using, I am storing a rather large table of results gathered from an MS Forms page. Typically, that sheet is hidden in the .xlsx file so that the .pdf created does not include the results. However, it looks like someone un-hid the results sheet and because the table was so large, the resulting pdf from the Create File action would have been over 100 pages long. It looks like there is some unwritten limit to the size of a .pdf that can be created with the OneDrive Create File action, so the flow failed. Once I hid the sheet with the results, the flow worked perfectly.



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