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Outlook Send Email From Field Missing

I have setup a flow that uses a switch case statment and sends an email as a particular email account under each case and it has been working great.  I am in the midst of setting up another similar flow but now the From field is missing and I cannot choose another email account to send from.  Will this field be returning?

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No, that field is gone, the from field was confusing, it didn't really allow you to put in arbitrary email address, rather it was specific to delegated mailboxes in Exchange  - we removed support for it.


I was also trying to use that field (usussessfully).


So i have a SharePoint list to manage Leave Applications.  I want the email to be sent FROM the Applicant (SharePoint field) TO the Approver (SharePoint field).  How can that be achieved if I cannot set the FROM email address?

@RajRa wrote:

No, that field is gone, the from field was confusing, it didn't really allow you to put in arbitrary email address, rather it was specific to delegated mailboxes in Exchange  - we removed support for it.


I am not sure why you would remove the feature rather than putting together help and guidance around it.  Using an arbitrary email address, IE sending as any email address you did not have rights to send as, is a security concern and would ultimately allow the Flow platform to send spoofed from addresses in phishing attacks and the like.  The feature was exactly what I needed, in addition to being correctly implemented for security reasons, and now you are breaking functionality that is necassary in my flows.  I need the emails to come from a DL that I have rights to send from so that end users receiving the email can respond to the emails and it goes to the correct set of individuals.  It will also provide my flows the ability for additional actions when emails are sent to the very same DL.  Please add this back.

Sorry for the break. However using an "arbritarty" from email address was never supported. The field only worked if your exchange account allowed permissions to someone else to send mail on your behalf - for a majority of the users it was not true and resulted in failures when it was used. We removed it based on usage.


I'll look into seeing if there's a way to add this back.

When the from field was present, it still did not allow you to set the field to indicate it was from the applicant. As I mention on this thread, it only worked for mailboxes where you gave permissions to someone else to send on your behalf.

Thanks, it would be great if this could be added back.  If you all want help on writting guidance and/or help on this, I am more than willing to help out.  Admittedly I have a lot more experiance in leveraging Exchange for this type of scenerio than a general user but it is not difficult once the procedures are understood. 🙂

Hi @inthisidrown


I have a similar problem related on mail recipiet set as "on behalf"; maybe it is better a new thread, but I explain what I want do: say that I want create a calendar "vacation" for all for my colleagues; I found the script so now I can do this. After this, in a vacation flow, I'd like to have a "create event" that update the calendar of the people that ask for vacation, the calendar of the manager and the calendar of the people of admin office. I created the calendar in the manager and "people vacation" by "on behalf" using the account of admin people; I use the create event action signing in with the admin people account and point as calendar the "calendar vacation": what happens is that the event is created in the "calendar vacation" for the admin people, while for "vacation people" and manager it is created in the default calendar.

Do you have any suggestion to solve this, maybe I make an error in the creation of the calendar with "on behalf": the only solution found is to use the manager account to create and event action to send in "calendar vacation" the event and use another action to fill the admin people (calendar vacation) and "vacation people calendar".





Marco Mangiante

Hi @mmangiante!!


The reason you are getting "on behalf of" is that you do not have "send as" rights on the mailbox you are sending from.  Additonally, all calendar invites will be delivered to the default calendar unless you setup a rule to move meeting requests to another calendar folder.  I think what may be better (and easier) for you is to:


  1. Setup a Shared Calander mailbox (called Vacation maybe?),
  2. Grant everyone rights view the calendar
  3. Have each user add the calender to their Shared Calender lists (either by right click Shared Calendars -> Add Calendar while in Calendar view of their own mailbox or by using File Open -> Other Users mailbox)
  4. Instruct users to send Vaction requests by creating a meeting invite and inviting the Vacation calendar


This will allow everyone to see Vacations etc.


If you had to maintain your current setup of non default calendars you would actually have to create a rule that moves those meeting requests to the non default calendar folder (you cannot deliver directly to a non default calendar that I am aware of) which seems messy to me based on what it seems like you are doing.  Of course, there may be a way to use flow for this as well but you would have to rights (or have an account that has rights) to everyones mailbox and the non default calendar folder.  Anyway, hope that helps!!

I'll add my support for adding the from Field back. When you want the message to come from an address attached to a distribution list, there's no way to authenticate as the list.  Additional documentation around the "from" field would be sufficient to remove confusion for most people.


FWIW, I created a flow prior to the change that utilized the from field.  It's still working.  Since the from field is no longer visible in the UI, I'm not sure what will happen if I ever need to change the flow.

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