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Advocate III
Advocate III

Planner - "Update Task Details" action not getting Task ID from "Create a Task" action




I have been using Flow to create and populate Planner tasks using the contents of an email in Outlook.


The flow creates a task, then I use the Update Task Details to populate the Task Description with the body of a flagged email.


In between the Create a Task and Update Task Details, I use a Get a Task action to get the Task ID of the Task that was just created.


However, recently the Flow broke due to a "The requested item is not found" error in the Update Task Details action. The Task ID gets passed to the Update Task Details action from the Get a Task action correctly, but the workflow breaks due it not finding the task. At the same time a box started appearing next to the Get a Task action stating "You have added an optional value into this required field, so this action may fail. You may want to choose a different value that will always be present.".


If I want to find the task in the same flow that I just created task, why is the tsk ID not "captured" in the flow anymore?


Status Code



  "Transfer-Encoding": "chunked",
  "request-id": "b4283562-625e-4f73-8938-f0a7ed015e47",
  "client-request-id": "b4283562-625e-4f73-8938-f0a7ed015e47",
  "x-ms-ags-diagnostic": "{\"ServerInfo\":{\"DataCenter\":\"West US\",\"Slice\":\"SliceA\",\"ScaleUnit\":\"001\",\"Host\":\"AGSFE_IN_15\",\"ADSiteName\":\"WST\"}}",
  "Duration": "178.234",
  "Timing-Allow-Origin": "*",
  "Cache-Control": "private",
  "Date": "Fri, 29 Sep 2017 21:10:52 GMT",
  "Content-Type": "application/json",
  "Content-Length": "218"


  "error": {
    "code": "",
    "message": "The requested item is not found.",
    "innerError": {
      "request-id": "b4283562-625e-4f73-8938-f0a7ed015e47",
      "date": "2017-09-29T21:10:52"




Accepted Solutions
Advocate III
Advocate III

Problem seemed to have fixed "itself" as of 10/2.

View solution in original post

Advocate III
Advocate III

Problem seemed to have fixed "itself" as of 10/2.

View solution in original post

Not applicable

I am still receiving this same error as of 01/17/2018

@Anonymous, if you use the Update Task Details action just after a Create a Task action, add a Delay action with a delay of 30 seconds inbetween these two Planner actions. Planner is sometimes slow to process a request. I use the Delay action between all Planner related actions in all workflows as a workaround to this problem.

While this is a great workaround, it's so frustrating that this is seen as a "solution".


The REAL solution would be a Planner COnnection called "Create a Task" that already includes the functionality to populate task details.


Then you wouldn't need to add "Update Task Details" as an additional step at all.


A secondary fix would be for Microsoft to recognise that the omission of that functionality thus requires users to include "Update Task Details" in the same flow as an earlier "Create Task" connector, and fix the problem whereby the newly created task is not getting identified later in the flow.

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