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Power Automate with MS Planner issues



I created a power automate flow to delete some tasks in MS Planner.

The flows is working fine but I have an issue the tasks are not being deleted in MS Planner.

The JSON output of the Planner list task is different from MS Planner actual tasks.

ex: I deleted some tasks via power automate, they are deleted when I look at the JSON output of list tasks, but the tasks are still on MS Planner.

Is there a sync delay which could explain this issue ? If yes, what is this delay ?

Or, could there be another issue ?





Hi @rallyspeed 


Thanks for your posting.


According to your description, you would like to using flow to delete tasks in bulk. The flow succeeded but nothing happened in planner section. If any misunderstood, please kindly let me know.


I tried from my end and found seems no delay or server error in my test tenant as least. Please kindly refer my test flow as below : (Using simple filter array to find specific tasks based on ‘task title’ and delete them)







Flow works fine and all my “flow c” tasks gone after I refreshing planner page.


Since there is no server incident report posted internally, please kindly check your tenant health area. Please go to O365 admin center > Health, check Service health and Message center. If any flow related server error happens in your tenant, you should get notification here.






By the way, if you don’t mind, please feel free to share me your flow process. We can double check if any problem existing together.


Hope the content above may help you.


Thank you very much.


New Member

Hi Anna,


Thank you for the fast reply.

When I download the list task, I have tasks still in MS Planner as shown below, but it is not in the output when I search for it.

Is there a limit on how many tasks the list tasks will return ?







FlowFlowJSON List OutputJSON List Output

Hi @rallyspeed 


Thank you very much for your reply.


Yes, we do have some limitations in Flow regarding data throughput. But that’s should be enough in most scenarios as task size is quite small. Here is the article about limitations, please check:


If possible, could you please show me your action details? You mentioned you couldn’t get output for that specific task. But have you tried to research this task in

 ‘list tasks ’action ?




If you can find this task in ‘list task’ output, could you share me your condition?  What kind of tasks you would like to delete?


Hope to hear from you soon.




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