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Record Microsoft Form choice response to the SharePoint list

When I am trying to record the Microsoft Form single choice response to the SharePoint list choice (dropdown) column throw flow I am getting bad request error.

Where as if I save into signle line text field it works fine.


From the flow response I see the request has been formated wrong for the signle choice column.


"testchoice": {    "Value": "Yes"  }

I am not sure is this going to be handled internally before insert to SharePoint. But throws BadRequest error.


It sounds like issue is updating SharePoint choice column through Flow.


Is there any work around?



Venkat Konjeti

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Could you please share a screenshot of your flow's configuration?

Further, could you please show a bit more about your SharePoint list?


I have created a Form on my side and the data structure of it as below:25.JPG

Note: The TestChoice question is a Choice type question.


I have made a test on my side and don't have the issue that you mentioned. My flow's configuration as below:27.JPG


Note: The Choice1 field is a Choice type column in my SharePoint list and the available values of it is Yes and No.


The flow works successfully as below:28.JPG


Please check if you have enable "Allow multiple selections" option for the Choice type column in your SharePoint list. I have made a test on my side, if you enable the "Allow multiple selections" options for the Choice type column in your SharePoint list, when you save the single choice response from Microsoft Form into the the Choice type column, the Bad request error would show up.


Please disable the "Allow multiple selections" option for the Choice type column in your SharePoint list and try your flow again to check if the issue is solved.



Best regards,







Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Hi Kris @v-xida-msft


Thanks for the reply.


I am sure "Allow multiple selections" not enabled. I tried Choice of type dropdown and radio button. If I enable this option I dont even see the SP list column in the flow as per my research choice of type checkbox list not being supported yet.


Radio button type was worked few days back but not now. I always get "Bad Request" error.


My form is very simple with 2 textboxes and 1 radio option. SP List has textboxes and 1 choice column.


Unfortunately I couldn`t place the images here not sure why but I have uploaded the images under my profile public folder. You will see imagewith the post options. sorry about that.




I have the choice column in SharePoint list and I am using Microsoft Flow to save the Microsft Form to SharePoint list. I have an issue with Choice column type is not getting data from the flow. can you please help me or guide me how to do that?

Thanks for mentioning that choice of type checkbox list not being supported yet. I was trying to save the multiple responses for the question to checkbox list type column which has  "Allow multiple selections"  enabled and it was working. I also tried json and string function to apply on my flow for that column but no luck. can you please let me know if you have idea or solution? for time being I made that column change "Allow multiple selections" not enabled then it working fine. 

figured out a way to save multi select choice checkbox values to SharePoint list with multi select column


if you look at the output of the choice column from the Form it comes in the following format: ["one","four","a lot more"] as a string

so this string needs a bit reformating to fit this pattern : ;#one;#four;#a lot more;#


in the flow set up a variable type of string: in the get response block include expression to replace brackets, quotes and commas with ;#


this is my final expression

replace(variables(replace(variables(replace(body('Get_response_details')?['rcd59c8f4f5ef43f886bda229d6f06d73'],'","',';#')), '["',';#')), '"]',';#')

 replace  ' "," ' with ;# then replace opening braket with " and then " closing braket


now you can use output from variable and set choice column to the value




Frequent Visitor

Thank you very much.

it is perfectly working fine.

I tried to replace and make it string array in JSON response but it was not working.

Do you know why it is working with ;# sign?

Can you post screen shot of JSON array? 

I've tired the array but it would be too difficult to maintain it here is what I tired to do:


create array of all choices with IDs and Values - manual

get values from MS Form

loop through selected values and compare them to all choices

create selected values array with matching IDs and values

push into SP

gave up eventually and went with simple string reformatting 



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Does this field have significance to the actual flow?  So it should be changed?  



that's Form field Id, you can drop any expression in the field and pick your field from dynamic field selector

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