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SharePoint Create FIle action does not work for asset library



I have a flow that creates an MP4 file in a SharePoint Asset library and I think since this library has specific features for video content (eg renditions) the action will fail.


  "status": 404,
  "message": "File Not Found.\r\nclientRequestId: cc31e789-af7f-4da1-aabb-18b9ed8736db",
  "source": "'",
  "errors": [


Now the file actually does get uploaded, but the URL of that file seems to change, and is related to renditions. Eg.. when I look at the manage renditions for the uploaded video the URL becomes...


So the Create File flow action does not take into account the Asset library specifics. 


I changed the code to upload to a Document library instead of Asset library and then the action works fine. But the entire point of the asset library is to support rich media, so it would be create to see the Create FIle action be asset library aware.


It is also worth noting that images are not affected - only videos.





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Re: SharePoint Create FIle action does not work for asset library

For Flow engineers - when uploading a movie to a SharePoint Asset Library, a feature receiver kicks in, creates a folder and moves the movie file underneath it.



I think this one needs a workaround - add a delay after the upload and then try to re-query the file from the filename.


Re: SharePoint Create FIle action does not work for asset library

I can work around it using the method you describe @Anonymous but the "Create Item" action always retuirns failed, so we now need to tell flow to ignore errors... hence I hope the flow engineers account for this scenario, espeically since the Create File action is (to my knowledge) being revisitied so it returns the itemID as part of the call, saving us the need to use the Get Items call which is already hacky...

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