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SharePoint Flow - "When a file is created or modified (properties only)"


We use sharepoint in our business.

I have synchronized the sharepoint library on ondrive on my computer for convenience.

I then created a microsoft flow allowing to detect the addition of a file in the library (type sharepoint - "When a file is created or modified (properties only)").

When I right click new document in onedrive the flow works.


But when I want to copy / paste a new file into onedrive it doesn't work (if the file doesn't already exist).
I have to right click / "display online" / "upload" file ...

Thanks for your help

Community Support
Community Support

Hi ArnaudKazubek


Can you share more details on the flow configuration or some screenshots of the flow you have built so far? 

After to copy the file in onedrive, is it synced with onedrive? Could you see this file in






The flow sharepoint is very simple, I would like to detect the addition or modification of a file in the "Documents" library :


detect file.PNG


But rather than using the sharepoint web interface, I would like to use onedrive synchronization directly on my PC.

When I copy and paste the document (powerpoint) in the onedrive folder, the flow does not start.
If I right click / new / PowerPoint in the onedrive folder it works. It detects the addition of the document "New Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint.pptx"...


if I use the onedrive business flow it does not offer me the shared libraries  :



While I can see the sharepoint library and the copied file on





Why with a copy/paste of a file in the onedrive folder synchronized with the library, the sharepoint flow doesn't run?

Have you tested on your side to find the bug?


Many thanks in advance for your assistance, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi ArnaudKazubek


When you do a copy/paste... could you check if the file is replicated in




Hi Javier, 


Yes the file is replicated in





Hi ArnaudKazubek


Tried reproduce the issue in out lab but it worked fine.

Did you try using other folder in onedrive? 




Hi Javier, 


Yes, I tried with another folder in onedrive, without success...

But I tried with another trigger "When a file is created" and it seems to work.


But that forces me to manage two flows (+1 for file modification) ...







With the trigger "When a file is created or modified" there is a way to filter only modification?

To know if it's a file addition or just a modification?





Hi Arnaud, 


I think you can use a Condition:


  • Add a Condition, click "Edit in advanced mode", type the following formula:
@equals(triggerBody()?['Created'], triggerBody()?['Modified'])
  • Within "If/no" branch of Condition, add a "Send an email" action.

I hope it helps you.




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