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SharePoint - When a file is created (properties only): Returns outdated metadata



When I use the 'When a file is created (properties only)' on a folder, it returns the oldest version of the custom metadata for the file. What I expect to be returned is the most current metadata for the file, which is also what is displayed for a file.


To replicate issue:

  1. In document library, add a custom people metadata column (e.g. Reviewer)
  2. Create a Test file and set Reviewer = UserA. 
  3. Using the Details pane, change Reviewer to UserB. You should see the old and new values reflected in the file's version history.
  4. Create a folder (e.g. Reviewer)
  5. Create Flow#1:
    1. For selected item
    2. SharePoint Copy file
      - File destination: Reviewer folder
  6. Create Flow#2: 
    1. When a file is created (properties only)
      - Location: Reviewer folder
    2. Send an email
      - Email yourself
      - Include the Reviewer DisplayName in email body
  7. Activate flow
    1. Select the Test file
    2. Run Flow#1
    3. Check your email: you will see that Reviewer field returns UserA (oldest value) instead of UserB (current value) for the Reviewer column.

I think the action 'When a file is created (properties only)' is the one that needs to be fixed so that it reads the most current metadata instead of the oldest. 





Community Support
Community Support

Hi @silvana,


I have made a test on  my side and don't have the issue that you mentioned, the 'When a file is created (properties only)' on a folder would returns the currentversion of the custom metadata for the file.


I have refer your steps to create the two flows, the screenshot of the first flow as below:


The screeenshot of the second flow as below:


The screenshot of the document library as below:


The version history of the file as below:


When the copy file flow runs, the second flow would run successfully as below:




Please take a try to test it again to see if the issue still exists.


Best regards,



Hello Alice,

Thank you for your quick replay and showing your results.


I redid the test again and confirmed the issue happens. Screenshots of my results and my flows are below.


This time, I noticed the data returned for Reviewer is not always from the oldest version. It actually seems to change with each run. Do you mind running your test flows 3-4 more times to see if you consistently return the correct data?



Screenshots of my testing results. This was done with exact same file with no changes to metadata between runs.


In all cases, the wrong data was returned. The Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2 and Author is sometimes missing and sometimes wrong. In cases where the metadata is empty, it looks like the field is not even picked up in the file properties. This is odd too that we can't count on the flow to consistently pickup up the meta data. 


Old Metadata - results.png



















Screenshot of file properties action from the 10:54am run:

Old Metadata - Flow 2 results.png



Screenshots of Flow 1 set up:

Old Metadata - Flow 1.png


Screenshots of Flow 2 set up: 

Old Metadata - Flow 2.png


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