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SharePoint new item and modified item triggers fire at new item.

I have two seperate Flows.

One is when a new item is created:


Another one is complex logic when an existing item is modified:


When a new item is added to the SharePoint list both flows trigger and are executed. However it should only be the "When a new item is created" that triggers.


Users rarely manually add items to this SharePoint lists. The list has a PowerApp where new items are added and modifications are done to the list.



@v-monli-msft Hi, is this issues solved? 

I'm still having double runs but it happens occasionally which is strange.


PS. I cannot use the workaround (comparing Created and Modified) cause those times are not always the same. The difference can be a second or two which ruins the whole thing 🙂

Advocate I
Advocate I

Any updates to this issue? This is essentially a critical issue that prevents this trigger from being used for many if not most situations.

@risingson I believe the way I fixed it was I turned on "Concurrency Control" (it's in the Settings of your Trigger) and set "Degree of Parallelism" to be 1. Then it never runs twice for the same item. See if this helps 🙂


PS. Keep in mind that turning it on is a permanent adjustment. So it's always nice to have a copy/backup with that setting turned off.

That doesn't sound quite like what I need, because they item may be legitimately updated more than once after it's creation, for which I do want the flow triggered. I found my own clunky workaround. I already have a status column that should be changed by the user when the status changes (i.e. new, in progress, etc.). I just created another column named "new or modified" and set it's default value to 0. On first trigger it will change to 1. When it triggers again seconds after creation it will check the status value and see it's "new" and do nothing.

I wouldn't call it clunky, just a workaround that we all apply to sometimes not fully polished MS products.

My suggestion was more to get rid of the issue where 2 flows run within 1-2 seconds when an item is created(!), because the process sees it as created and modified (within a second or two). It's not even modified, it's just created but the modified and created times are different by 1 second or so. I cannot imagine how your user can legitimately modify such an item 🙂

Oh, I think I misunderstood. When I first read it I thought enabling that would prevent the trigger from ever runnin again on that item once it's been created. Now I understand it prevents it from being triggered at the same time no matter what item. In that case, I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

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