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Sharepoint 'Get Items' suddenly returning empty - at a TOTAL LOSS

A Flow of mine suddenly started to behave unusually yesterday, so I began looking at the run history, and noticed that although the Flow war running 'successfully', a critical 'Get Items' step was returning a blank array. There is a filter query applied to this step, which should result in exactly 1 result being returned.

After I confirmed that this 1 item did in fact exist,and unable to find any errors or other explainations, I created a new Flow to see if I could reproduce the problem.

Bizarrely, I cannot!

I copied an pasted the output of the filtery query into notepad, just so I could see them one above the other, thinking there MUST be a typo I'm overlooking. There two filter queries are identical in every way, except one returns a single item (as expected), and one returns returns an empty array. I've re-submitted the Flow run over and over again, with the same empty result every time, while the identical step in the test Flow I created works correctly.

Microsoft - what did you do in your last update? I'm SO SICK of this happening! People are running critical business functions through this product, and your 'updates' are wreaking havoc on our operations!

This Flow is part of a business process that not only HAS to be reliable, but represents about 8 weeks' work for 2 people. This is absolutely infuriating and unacceptable!

Attached are screenshots. The first is the output from the 'Get Items' step in my Flow which is inexplicably not working. The second is an identical 'Get Items' step in a test Flow, which works as expected.

Please do not tell me to delete the step and re-create it. I would have to re-create half of my Flow. Also, it is not acceptable for that to be the only available solution. Things just can't suddenly stop functioning for no reason, and require the creator of the Flow to step in and re-do everything. What happens when that person leaves or even just goes on vacation? What about all of the damage caused between the time the Flow first fails and the time it takes for the author to re-create everything?

Couldn't you at least give every Flow user a warning a few days before you make changes, given that they usually break everyone's old Flows? We could at least warn people the system is likely to be down for a few daysdoesnt work.PNGWas working until sometime yesterday, but returns no itemswtf.PNGTest with exact same step, same filter query. Returns 1 item, just as expected.

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