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The List Tasks action for Planner returns duplicates

We have a flow that extracts all tasks from a plan and puts them into a spreadsheet for analysis. Over the last few weeks, duplicates now appear in the list. The Task ID is the same, but the duplicates have different PowerApp ID.


A sample can be seen here:

_4kSqrNxMEOrXKcJYF1QLJYAEnk31FXmW9Q2Xk2erjAUHKdqapYAPBx52018-09-21T14:39:00.427805Z 2018-10-20T10:00:00Z2018-10-15T08:41:44.6862198Z652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2[BAU] [1] End Process visualisations2018-11-12T19:15:39.1384820Z100hZixiN1Msj0
_4kSqrNxMEOrXKcJYF1QLJYAEnk31FXmW9Q2Xk2erjAUHKdqapYAPBx52018-09-21T14:39:00.427805Z 2018-10-20T10:00:00Z2018-10-15T08:41:44.6862198Z652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2[BAU] [1] End Process visualisations2018-11-13T06:16:23.7544203Z100knECPulsy4Q
_7esHmn9R0GpwkRm4KpPupYALZkR1FXmW9Q2Xk2erjAUHKdqapYAPBx52018-08-21T14:49:52.5804625Z 2018-09-21T10:00:00Z2018-09-14T14:39:28.7771944Z754d63e5-ff81-4f44-bb96-5cf1ba81fec6652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2[CAT] [3]  CMS to track 'received from' website'2018-11-12T17:22:08.4271838Z100BtUj15-fjZs
_7esHmn9R0GpwkRm4KpPupYALZkR1FXmW9Q2Xk2erjAUHKdqapYAPBx52018-08-21T14:49:52.5804625Z 2018-09-21T10:00:00Z2018-09-14T14:39:28.7771944Z754d63e5-ff81-4f44-bb96-5cf1ba81fec6652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2[CAT] [3] CMS to track 'received from' website'2018-11-12T19:17:48.6090933Z100F3yyKPoYfhU
_7esHmn9R0GpwkRm4KpPupYALZkR1FXmW9Q2Xk2erjAUHKdqapYAPBx52018-08-21T14:49:52.5804625Z 2018-09-21T10:00:00Z2018-09-14T14:39:28.7771944Z754d63e5-ff81-4f44-bb96-5cf1ba81fec6652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2[CAT] [3] CMS to track 'received from' website'2018-11-13T06:19:02.6547500Z100aM9M1yT9BP8
_jHpCEQDLU6PtENRFXFcFJYAEqOF1FXmW9Q2Xk2erjAUHKdqapYAPBx52018-08-30T09:50:59.7762767Z 2018-09-10T10:00:00Z2018-09-07T14:55:08.1981982Za3e1bd8b-1711-429e-afdd-cf9980a6b613652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2[BAU] [5] Create Customer Satisfaction data2018-11-12T17:23:11.2050940Z100jMJdzRs3Usw
_jHpCEQDLU6PtENRFXFcFJYAEqOF1FXmW9Q2Xk2erjAUHKdqapYAPBx52018-08-30T09:50:59.7762767Z 2018-09-10T10:00:00Z2018-09-07T14:55:08.1981982Za3e1bd8b-1711-429e-afdd-cf9980a6b613652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2[BAU] [5] Create Customer Satisfaction data2018-11-12T19:18:33.6151943Z100sE86W9RIgFM
_jHpCEQDLU6PtENRFXFcFJYAEqOF1FXmW9Q2Xk2erjAUHKdqapYAPBx52018-08-30T09:50:59.7762767Z 2018-09-10T10:00:00Z2018-09-07T14:55:08.1981982Za3e1bd8b-1711-429e-afdd-cf9980a6b613652dbdad-8369-4efe-8278-a46720187dc2[BAU] [5] Create Customer Satisfaction data2018-11-13T06:19:56.8557906Z100_jKAK45uoPE
Community Support
Community Support

Re: The List Tasks action for Planner returns duplicates

Hi @DavidAnderson,


What’s your current situation? Are you still having the issue?

How is your flow created? Could you share a screenshot of your flow?

I have made a flow to test the Planner action List tasks. No duplicate task is returned.


Please share more details to help reproduce this issue.


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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New Member

Re: The List Tasks action for Planner returns duplicates

Hi Mabel


Thanks for the reply. 

I've made a mistake in what is causing the issue.

I made an assumption that a different PowerAppID meant that Planner was loading each item multiple times. The flow we use has 2 parts:

1) Clear the table in an Excel spreadsheet

2) Load the planner tasks into the table


The planner aspect looks like it's working fine.

The issue is that the Excel part is not working - it's simply not clearing the table.


The actions from Excel I'm using are (apologies - can't seem to add images to this for some reason):

Get Rows
--File name/Documents/Projects/Reports/DevelopmentTasks.xlsx
--Table nameTableDevelopmentActivities


Apply to each
--Select outputvalue
--Delete Row
--File name/Documents/Projects/Reports/DevelopmentTasks.xlsx
--Table nameTableDevelopmentActivities
--Row idRow id

It would be better if there was a single 'Clear Table' action but this doesn't seem to exist at the moment.

Regular Visitor

Re: The List Tasks action for Planner returns duplicates

Hi @v-yamao-msft ,


I am still facing duplicate issue and the duplicates comes up whenever I assign a single task to multiple team members.


Is there a way I can remove duplicate rows and merge all the Assigned ID in one row while pushing the data to excel online.




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