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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

UFilter Array with List Group members does not find dynamic content for the Group

When using [Filter Array] to find a specific member UPN in an Office 365 Group list output from the [List Group Members] action, the [Filter Array] action does not find any dynamic content for the group other than the [Value] list.


This makes Filter Array pretty much useless in this context. 


When using Filter Array to find a Group in a list of Groups output from the [List my Groups] action, a full complement of dynamic content is available, including [Group Name] - why doesn't [List Group Members] work the same way, and provide at least the Member UPN as a dynamic field?



After wrestling with this for a while, I went back to it one last time, and - whoo-hoo! - suddenly I have the dynamic content I was looking for to test for existence of a particular member.


Not looking gift horses in the mouth, or anything, but it does seem inconsistent...


Could you provide the detailed repro steps?

*Step 1: List Group Members for Group = (variables[GroupID])

*Step 2: Filter Array (List_Group_Members?[Value]) BY (List_Group_Members?[Mail] = variables[UserEmail])


When I first added the Filter Array step, the dynamic content drop-down did not show any items for selection from the List Group Members step other than the [Value] field.  After deleting and re-adding the Filter Array action multiple times over a period of many hours over multiple days, finally I got the dynamic data I expected to see displayed and was able to complete the "BY" clause for the filter, which is now working.


Don't know why I wasn't seeing dynamic data from the List Group Members step in the Filter Array dynamic data to begin with, but it was very frustrating.


*Company policy discourages posting screen snips.


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