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Width in All PowerApps screens is collapsed to Zero as of Today

My apologies as I think that my original post on this topic was posted to the wrong forum topic - and this does indeed seem to be a Bug.   It is affecting not just me but other members in our development team.   


Today, I opened PowerApps Studio to work on some apps and found that the width of the application screens (and content such as galleries) have all been set to 0.    We have a total of 17 PowerApps (some have not been changed for several weeks) and in every case the width of the screens in the apps have been set to 0.   So all of the screens and contents are collapsed.    


I did search this forum and found another post describing a similar situation,  but their solution was that the app screen size in Settings was blank.   In my case,   I checked the Settings for the size of the app and for each app the setting for screen size is 1136 x 640 (for tablet format).    So this is not the issue for our situation.   


I also tried opening PowerApps Studio in both Microsoft Edge (which I normally use) and FireFox.   I have also tried opening the Studio on another computer.   I tried restoring some older versions for some apps.    But in all cases,  the opening of any PowerApps app in Studio has a width of zero in all the screens.   Other members on the development team are also encountering the same issue.


This issue has only just happened today - as I was working as normally in the Power Apps Studio yesterday.    This is affecting all 17 of our apps.    We are still developing some of the apps,  so it is very critical to find out why this problem is happening and to find a solution ASAP.    


Thanks in advance to the community for any information or suggestions.

New Member

Thank you for raising this issue - I have suddenly seen this also across a number of my PowerApps. On one screen all controls have a width reduced to zero.


This may be a result of the latest PowerApps updates and I cannot understand why there is not more attention around this. Your post is the only one I have found.


Does anybody have any feedback on why this has occurred? Seems like a major bug!



New Member

I found a fix on my side for this.


The issue I had was on a 3 screen canvas mobile size app (1136 x 640). One day this week, I opened the app and the 2nd screen had all parts reduced to zero width. I opened other apps that I had made from this one app (as export/imports) and all of these apps had the same issue - 2nd screen had all controls reduced to zero.


The solution I found was in the screen properties. The affected screen (with all the zero width components) did not have anything under width in the screen property. I copied the entry for the width property on the main screen - Max(App.Width, App.DesignWidth) - and pasted this into the affected screens width property.


Save, close and re-open the app. The screens have then come back for my apps.


Hope this helps!

I have been experiencing the same issue. 

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