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get group members returns maximum 100 users

Azure AD connector get group members returns maximum 100 users.

Ok, this might be a deliberate feature, but (1) it is not documented in the connector's documentation, (2) I don't see a way to circumvent it in order to be able to handle larger groups in a larger organization.

Any suggestions?

If some technology limits returning a large arrray, I'd add a filter feature to the Action.






Well I thought it was clear, let me explain again


"Outlook groups" connector and its "List group members" action returns the list which is always limited to

100 entries, even if original count of group members is higher.


The same applies for Azure AD connector, but its non-relevant for most of people due to lack of neccessary privilleges.


I tried the suggestion from , for adding the additional paginationPolicy into the code (in Azure logic apps, not FLOW), but it did not helped (result is still limited to 100 entries).

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Any feedbacl how to work-around this problem ?

I need to periodically export that list of Yammer users

Would love a solution to this issue so we can export all users periodically or on demand. It looks like the Azure AD API is limited to 100 users per 60 seconds (see here). I'm fine with having to loop through 100 at a time for 60 seconds, but I see no way of accomplishing this (e.g., indexing into the group user list).

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So I was able to partly solve this by clicking in Advanced and putting 999 for the Top value. The Connector appears to be using the Graph API and this is something you can do with the Graph API too, add ?top=999 so by using 999 you basicaly recreate that query and it will return up to 999 entires. That was enough for me with the addition of using a rollup group. So a master AD group that rolls up other groups under 999 each and then looping through that top group. Hope that helps.

That worked for me! I clearly should have tried that. I assumed it couldn't go higher than 100 (per my understanding of the API documentation) and that the default of "all" for that setting would get all the users if that wasn't the case.  

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@npnigroyes it's not very intuitive. I assume this is because the Actions in Flow have a certain design concept behind them, but when they're just a wrapper around an API funny stuff can happen.

I'm now using microsoft graph explorer to get this manually, with exactly the same top parameter you mentioned. But it is cumbersone


Unfortunately I do not have admin privilleges fro Azure AD connectore, only "List group members". Do you know if this parameter can be applied in this connector as well ?

could you share hove Logic App code for your connector looks like ?

Please explain it in more layman terms, multiple of us could not reproduce this solution. 

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@katonageon the "Get Group Members" action you can click "Show Advanced Options"  and add a value for "Top." You can put up to 999 there and it should return that many results. 


If you need get more than 999 then you can make an Active Directory group that contains other Active Directory groups and break down membership so any Active Directory group has less than 999 and then you can just make a loop in Flow to Get Group Members of all the AD groups in the overall AD group. 

You are talking about this setting menu like this?




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