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multiple flows with "When an event is added, updated or deleted (V3)," different info each time

One flow is supposed to only trigger for a deletion, one for an event being updated.

Tried using expressions in the trigger settings so they only triggered for the right kinds event. Doesn't even remotely work. Just by opening those settings I ruined the flows. The settings get stuck and I can't change they. Try to save new settings and it wont work.

An event gets canceled, and one flow reads it correctly as canceled, and other as just updated. None of this works.

The entire set of outlook connectors are broken and don't work. I am better off keeping the calendar on paper. Incredibly simple tasks made impossibly complicated with this platform, obvious and glaring holes everywhere.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @dschwab1 


Unfortunately, this can happen when you have multiple Flows with the same trigger. Flows might have different trigger frequency, so the first to trigger got the event as cancelled and the other one as updated. The trigger conditions don't work to check if the event was cancelled or updated.


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That's not consistent with the uses I've already set up, the flows all worked yesterday.

After an flow is triggered with the "When an event is added, updated or deleted (V3)" connector, the flow pulls in a data field called "action type," which distinguishes between these. I used that data field to set up a conditional trigger expression in each of the flows. One was supposed to only trigger when an event was deleted, and one when an event was updated.

I set up test flows to make sure this would work, and it did. For awhile.

Eventually the flows started triggering seemingly at random.

Additionally, an event trigger that was just supposed to trigger for an event creation started firing twice for every one event that appeared on the calendar. I have spent hours screaming at my computer monitor and I feel confident this is not a user error, or a misunderstanding of how the connectors are supposed to work.

The connectors are supposed to do one thing, and instead they're doing another.

additionally, and this is critical, the deletion of an event registered (correctly) as a deletion for one flow, but incorrectly as an update for another. I went back and checked the output data for the connector, and in the data field where it should say "deleted" it said "updated," I was not misunderstanding the connector when I said that.

The same 1 manipulation of a calendar event by deleting it was read by one flow as "deleted" and another as "updated," both using the same connector, and the same exact data field in the connector called "action type" explicitly designed to reflect and distinguish them.

connector broke

Just tested another flow that uses the Outlook connector.

It's just supposed to mirror calendar events. Event appears on one calendar, make another one at the same time on a different calendar.

The Start Time and End time for the trigger event in on 9/16, the output data from the connect when you look at the flow afterwards says this. BUT, the event that it's supposed to copy just appears on my calendar for today. Why? There is zero points in the flow that would give it this data. Where is it pulling this?

This connector is broken, big time. Something you updated this month screwed it. This flow was working perfectly a few days ago. Perfectly.

I'm telling you, the outlook connector is broken. Please please please fix it 😞

Helper I
Helper I

Hello. Did you resolve this issue? We are facing the same thing and we dont know what to do. The Flow with trigger updated / modified or deleted runs twice. When an event is created, sometimes it gets it correct (but again runs twice) and sometimes it shows as deleted. Please help!!!

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Same problem, however the web client gives different results than outlook.  This only happens when updating/deleting an occurrence of a series event:

Web client: updating the description of 1 event of a series of 2: the flow triggers 8 times almost instantaneously.  I don't see any fields like Response Type that we could put a trigger condition on (every response type is 'organizer').

Outlook: The flow triggered 4 times after updating the description of 1 event of the series of 2.  That's the only difference.


Using this connector on a single non-series event seems fine.  But it doesn't know how to handle events in a series.

My issue happens with single events too. 

It specifically happens when I try to use the connector to monitor a Calendar from MS bookings. I think that is where most of my problems come from, Bookings is a very immature product. Hopefully they make it better soon, it’s useful. 

I know this is an old post, but did you ever find out what was causing the issue for you?


I'm experiencing a similar issue, with MS Bookings as well.  I have one Flow for one Bookings Calendar, and the Flow is performing different actions depending on the Action Type of the Event (added, updated, or deleted). 


I'm seeing that frequently, but not always, when a new Booking is created the Flow triggers twice: once with action type 'added' and once with action type 'updated.'

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