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Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

"List Flows as Admin" failure - "The response is not in a JSON format." (Again!)

Hello together,


We are experiencing an issue with the "List Flows as admin"action ("Power Automate Management" connector)

So far: only for the default-environment!?


Failures started on the 27th April 2021.


  "error": {
    "message""The response is not in a JSON format.",
    "innerError""Cannot read server response."
Error only appears when Pagination is ON.
It's very similar to the error from this post or this post. Than one was fixed. 

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Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

Same here. Just got an information that it should be have been fixed.

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Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi all,


I have the same issue. ☹️


It is only possible to retrieve the first 250 flows in our default environment.

Maybe someone knows a way to order by modified date (descending)?  So I can at least retrieve the last 250 updated flows?

Or a filter function? 




Advocate II
Advocate II


Having the same issue (EMEA).
- "List Flows as Admin" works fine with Pagination Off.
- If Pagination is On and trying to to retrieve more than 250 Flows we have the same error
- If Pagination is On and Threshold set to 250 or less there is no error

- So far only experienced it in the default environment too, but we don't have any other environments with more than 250 Flows to test


I Reported it via a Support Ticket yesterday but still no update...


Many thanks!



To get an overview of all flows running in our default environment, I've created a manual workaround.


2) Usage (past 28 days)

3) Export data (Summarized data) from Cloud flows in use

4) Paste the "Name's into a SharePoint List

5) In my Power Automate, I replaced the 'List flows as admin' with a 'get all items' and added a for each item to get each flow details.


It at least gives me an overview and the details of all the flows currently running in our default environment.


Rgds, Martine.

Advocate I
Advocate I

We have the same issue. It affects default environment only, however, I'm able to enable pagination up to ~500. Beyond that, it fails.


Also, I'm trying to use PowerShell module to get all flows but Get-AdminFlow -EnvironmentName <defaultEnvironmentName> returns 50 items, not all of them are actual flows but errors. $Error variable has some 404 errors like in Power Automate.


I also opened a support case. All they did is to point me to this thread and saying "product team is actively working on this issue". No advisories or incidents in M365 service health. Nothing mentioned in


Advocate I
Advocate I

@flaviatakushi, why did you delete your post?


Also, why if this is a known issue there is no incident or advisory in M365 service health?


This is critical for governance and automation and all admins are impacted.


Community Support
Community Support

@max81 @MarioContreras 

This is a known issue and there is an internal investigation ongoing with product group.

There is no ETA yet. It was not yet published on M365 service health. 

If this is critical for your business or you need additional information please raise a Microsoft support ticket so you can get updated information.

I had already raised a Microsoft support case. My question remains, why is not in M365 service health if it is a known issue that affects automation and governance?

@MarioContreras, not all known issues are published into M365 service health.

It is evaluated internally based on some criteria, for example business impact, number of customers impacted, components affected, etc.

If you're experiencing an issue with a Microsoft 365 service and you don’t see it listed on the Service health page, tell us about it by selecting Report an issue, and completing the short form. We’ll look at related data and reports from other organizations to see how widespread the issue is, and if it originated with our service. If it did, we’ll add it as a new incident or advisory on the Service health page, where you can track its resolution. 

For more information please revise: 

Thanks, but for me this is a canned answer and not specific to the current situation.


It was already reported by different users with different tenants that "List flows as admin" is not working. Microsoft has acknoledge this (both by the support case owner I'm working with and in this thread). It is recommended by Microsoft to use Power Automate and Power Apps connectors for governance. Even CoE uses them.


There have been advisories opened for issues with admin tools (i.e., EX238740, EX229923), but looks like using Power Automate for managing Power Platform is not considered with the same importance level.


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