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Advocate III

0x80042f0a when importing data from Excel


I am new to dataverse, and I am trying to create my first table. I have my table created in Dataverse and all of my columns created to the specifications that I need them. I have an excel spreadsheet formatted as a table that contains the data that I want to house in my new Dataverse table. However, when I got to import data from excel and map my columns, I get error 0x80042f0a after a few minutes of importing. I looked it up, and it says that it has to do with assigning a team security roles. I am the system administrator of the environment that this instance of Dataverse lives in. I do see one record in the Team table, but there is no option to assign any security roles to it that I have been able to find. I saw other questions about this, but none of them really seemed to be fully answered. Am I missing something?

Community Support
Community Support


In page, click the Gear icon in the top right corner of the page, then click "Advanced settings" to go to the Dynamics 365 Settings page:


Then go to Settings > Security > Teams, and select your team, this time you can find "Manage Roles" option:


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Thank you for the reply! I followed your steps and I see now where I need to assign security roles. The only thing is, it looks like every user in my org is in there (about 4,500 users). Do I need to assign all of them roles? Also if I do, am I going to be spamming them with emails?


I just want to make sure I don't start blowing up everyone's inbox if I can avoid it.

Unfortunately, I don't think that was the solution. After spending a few hours assigning user roles, there were three users whose permissions are impossible to change: 



These appear to be users generated and by Microsoft. When I tried to update their permissions, I'd get an error that the operation is not allowed. Is there anything else relating to security roles that I can do? It seems odd, but this is completely locking me out from using this service.

Super User
Super User


I don't think the error is with security roles unless there's some logic that re-assigns the records on create/import. You (as the system admin) is trying to import records into your custom table right? How are you importing (screenshot will help)?


Also, the 3 security roles in your last screenshot are out-of-the-box managed roles and cannot be modified. If you need to create a new role suggest to do so by copying the Basic User role (see tip #15

Hope this helps!

Sorry for the late reply. Here's where I am at.


All users have been assigned security roles except those three out of the box ones. 



I can't make that error message about assigning security roles go away unless I assign them something. Unfortunately, until they're assigned something, I continue getting the following error:


Reason: Bad Request, Header x-ms-client-request-id 248c32bb-f6b1-4e32-be02-ee142983890d, Error code: 0x80042f0a, Message: Principal team (Id=4f6c36e9-589a-eb11-b1ac-000d3a36158b, type=9, teamType=0, privilegeCount=0), is missing prvReadcr6c5_Geo privilege (Id=461c5a1b-dd75-479b-aaa9-c641f7ad224e) on OTC=10211 for entity 'cr6c5_geo'. context.Caller=407336e9-589a-eb11-b1ac-000d3a36158b


I get this error as a part of the get data from excel option.



I choose my file to upload, map out the columns, then it imports for about 5 minutes before failing. 


I'd like to start using dataverse over sharepoint lists as they seem like they could be more capable, but currently dataverse seems pretty buggy and unstable.


Hi @DDCJOEE, Again I wouldn't say Dataverse is unstable and buggy. It's actually been around for decades and used in very large organizations and implementations... As per my previous post, the issue is with security and you need to create a custom security role with the right privileges required (ie read on cr6c5_Geo table). Would suggest to have a look at how security works with Dataverse, here are a few good articles/videos. 

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