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Account Entity Not Showing Related Child Entities Activity Records

Hi All


I have been trying to get my Account entity to show Activities that are related to its child entity.   This should be possilbe by setting the appropriate relationship as 'Parental' and selecting the Cascade All option for the settings of the relationship.  Whenever I go to the Account entity and select the Related Activities menu option and set the 'Include Related' toggle switch to 'On' - I get a circled X and SQL Server Error message text within the grid that is supposed to show the Open Activitiy Associated View.     Also if I type something into the Search box on the same related activities form - the SQL Error reports back with error code: 0x80044150 SQL Server Error


Can someone suggest what I am doing wrong with this, the steps to show activities from child entities in a parent Account entity are simple so don't quite understand why this is not working in CDS.


Thanks in advance.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ZiaUddin ,

Could you please share more details about the error message?

Could you please share a bit more about your scenario?


Please check if you have specified a proper relationship behaviour between the Account Entity and the Child Entity based on the following article:


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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The SQL Error message appears in the grid of the Account Entity where we can see the Related Activities and appears when you set the "Include Related" toggle switch to 'On'.  I have attached a screenshot of what it looks like.


In terms of the relationsihp - I have had a deeper look and there is a slight oddity between the Classic Interface and the Unified Interface.  When accessing the classic interface I have as Parent the 'Account' entity and Related Entity is my Custom Entity (X).  The Relationship Behaviour is set to Parental and the Rollup View - I have tried both Cascade All and Cascade None - neither of these options work - I still get that grid error.


Now here is the interesting thing - when accessing this same relationship from the Unified interface - the Primary Entity is showing as my Custom Entity (X) and my related entity is showing as 'Account' with the relatinship behavour - have tried both Parental and Referential.  Still the same error.

Just to say that I get this same error. I've had it on a few trial model-driven PowerApps.  To ensure this isn't from any custom code I've just created a brand new model-driven app, done nothing but create a new contact and related account.   On both records the Activity View with "Include Related" toggled on shows the error "0x80044150 SQL Server Error"



Is there any answer on this issue ? - I have looked through the articles and there is nothing in those that provides the necessary answer to the SQL error I am getting.  Is the feature actually present in CDS where we can roll up activities from Child Entity to the related Account Entity as we can in Dynamics ?  If so - then I would be interested in what settings the relationships need to be in a working sample on CDS.  I think I have setup everything correctly based on the articles I have read.

Thanks in advance.

Regular Visitor


I have the same error, it has something to do with the "Include related" data.


If you toggle off the "Include related" switch then click on the "Details" tab then click back onto the "Activities" tab and it will then show any related activities.


Obviously these will be filtered by the view you have selected from the dropdown e.g "Open Activitity Associated View" or whichever one you select.


It's a bit of a faff at the moment but it works in a fashion.


Hope this helps and maybe someone with more knowledge than me may be able to help us to sort it out properly.

Hi Basha1958


Thanks for getting back, but that has not worked for me.  I have tried a numberof times, and although you don't get the SQL error message when you switch off the "include related" toggle and click the Details tab and then back to the related Activities tab  - it will not show the activities of the related child entity. 


Sadly no luck.  Today we had a consultant come in who is helping us get to grips with the PowerApps stuff with a background in Dynamics 365.  I told her about this issue, and she managed to reproduce the error in PowerApps, but the error does not appear in Dynamics 365 with the same relationships in place.


This looks like a bug.



When you go back to the Activities tab after toggling off "include related" your view will probably have defaulted to showing the "Open Activity Associated View" and will only show any open activities for that Account so if all the activities are closed then you can select the "All Activity Associated View" which will show any open or closed actitivites.


Thought  I'd mention this in case all the associated actitivies have been completed. 

Hi Basha


If I have an activity directly related to the Account entity - I can see that.  My original post is about the fact that the underlying platform should be able to show against the Account entity any Activities that are related directly to a custom child entity.  Perhaps this link will help - it relates to something that works in Dynamics 365 - and by all appearances should be possible in CDS:


The example above is related to roll up view for Contacts entity, but the same should be possible where the parent entity is the Account entity.




Sorry, I understand what you mean now.


Funnily enough I was reading about that only yesterday and I thought how awesome it would be to have the ability to roll up the actitivieites of related contacts onto the account timeline.


I hope they get the bug fixed because I would use this feature.





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