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Activity records displayed on multiple timelines

Hi there,


This might seem like a weird question, but I have this entity called reminders and a user can add a reminder to a project now is it possible to make it so that the reminder is also added to my related company record and related contact person record?


For example if I have a reminder made for project mic2101 and company is Microsoft and contact person is Michael then that reminder will be displayed at the project, the company Microsoft and the contact person Michael.


Is it possible to achieve something like this?


Thanks in Advance,


Billy Cottrell

Super User
Super User

Yes that’s possible and it's even a common scenario. You need to configure your custom entity/table to have activities and send email option enabled. The send email option will automatically create an email field/column to be used when sending/receiving email.

You can also add the timeline control to your custom entity's form to conveniently see and manage the related activities in one place.


The solution export seems to be another issue. I would definitely not recommend to re-create custom email entity, you will lose lots of OOB current and future capabilities. How are you exported unmanaged or managed? Make sure you only include the sub-component level of the changes you made to OOB entities (like email) to your custom solution. If you didn’t make any, remove those entirely. You can also try one of these things:

  • In your target environment (env), make sure it is clean without those custom entities. OOB entities (like email) will exists because they are installed by default. These are part of CDM. The easiest would be to cretae a new target env and my recommendation if you solution/app is not live yet.
  • If you can't try with a vanilla/clean environment, then it's failing because you imported those entities with a managed solution and different publisher. You have these options:
    1. New custom solution and use the same publisher as they were originally imported. Again ensure you only include the changes.
    2. Continue to use you current solution (with the different publisher) but do not include the whole entity in your solution, include only the changes from when they were 1st imported into the target env. This might be difficult to determine.

Hope this all makes sense!

New Member

I know it's been a while since you posted this, but did you come up with a good solution. From your post it sounded like you wanted to see all related activities for accounts or contacts or leads in one place rather than having to select individual related activity types. Did you find a good way to do this? I'm still looking for a viable solution because I can't add Account or Contact to the columns in the Activities view.


No I haven't this is because I haven't been able to follow up on this due to being assigned on a different project and I doubt that I'll be able to check it anytime soon.

Kind regards,

Billy Cottrell

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