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Added new Table to Export to Data Lake - Now Sync is blocked


I have been exporting a few tables to Data Lake since a few months. Now I added a new table to this data lane. The Initial sync status remains at "Not started" and is blocking the sync completely now.


Here a snap shot of the message!



Can anyone help me explicitly trigger the sync.




Super User
Super User

Hi @ShMi,


This behavior is expected as described in the documentation. Your original tables will begin to sync again once the initial full sync for the newly added table is completed.


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Hi @ChrisPiasecki ,

Thanks. In fact I was expecting the "initial sync" for the new table to complete in a few minutes, before the sync for other tables would resume. The initial sync was blocked (or had not resumed) even after almost 3 weeks. So had to get help from Microsoft Support, who helped get the sync task reset.


Here some points (guesses) I derived at along the way:

  1. There are two ways you can mark a table to "export to data lake" - either by opening the table in make portal and then hitting the "Export to data lake" and then select the data lake. Or by opening the "Export to data lake" menu in the make portal, selecting the data lake, then open "Manage tables" widget and then select the new tables.
  2. The difference in the behavior of these two methods looks that the first one adds the table to data lake with "yearly partition strategy", while the second adds the table with "monthly partition strategy" by default (of course you have the option to chose the strategy in the second method, but the "show advanced configurations settings" is well hidden 🙂
  3. If you add a table with either widget, then remove it and then add the same table using the second method. The initial sync for the new table will get stuck.
  4. If that happens the fastest way to solve is to contact Microsoft Support and get the sync process reset

Hope this helps others as well.


Helper II
Helper II

We had the same issue, we unlinked and linked back the data lake to get it working for one of the tables.

Helper III
Helper III

Thank you for the update @nishantrana

In fact, I had opened this post because the unlinking and (re) linking the tables had lead to the tables being blocked. In any case, I had to open a ticket with MS and they got the datalake sync reset from the product development team.


Thanks Symira for the update. We were lucky in that case - that unlinking and linking back worked 🙂

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