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Helper I

Adding a new module (notes) for the timeline

I've looked online to see if this is even possible in the CDS. But when you select yes to attachments and notes on a custom entity, it adds the the timeline to the main form, which allows you to add notes to the entity. That all works perfectly.


But I would like to know if there is a way for me to add additional options that users can add to that timeline? For example i wanted the user to add an Invoice to the timeline which would have different fields to the basic Note entity. 


I've added an attachment to showcase the exact area i'm talking about. 


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Helper I
Helper I

Ok I think I may have fixed it. 


You have to navigate to the back-end of the CDS:


  1. Cog > Advance settings
  2. Settings in the top left 
  3. Under Customization select 'Solutions'
  4. Select the 'Common Data Services Default Solution' from the list
  5. On the left hand side select 'Entities'
  6. Select the Entity you want your custom activity to show up on
  7. Select Activities from under the Communication & Collaboration header. Save/publish
  8. Now if you go back to your form in classic view
  9. double click the timeline and you should be able to select activities as an option and select your custom activity. 

I'm not sure how you add a new note item, but I was able to add a new activity. 

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Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

You have two options

1. Customize the Notes entity to add custom fields (I never tried this but it should work)

2. Create a new custom entity as "activity entity" to track invoices, When you create custom entity as an activity entity, it can be added to the timeline just like Notes, Task, Phone, Email, etc. 



Satish Reddy

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Power Participant
Power Participant

If you go into the form editor on that entity and switch to classic view, then double click on your timeline pane, you will be able to customize what will appear in your feed. Also, in the Advanced Settings you can set rules for Activities feeds.

Annotation 2020-02-12 103203.png

Annotation 2020-02-12 103322.png


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Thanks for this. I've just added a new activity entity Test Activity. How do I add it to my Client Entity? Is there a certain relationship I need to establish or is it just available to all notes & attachments sections? 


Because it does not seem to be showing in the activities tab properties for the timeline area. 

Thanks for the response. You'll see in my above answer that my custom activity entity isn't showing in that view. Is there a step i'm missing? Maybe a relationship setup. 

You don't need to add any relationship or any config. Directly go to your parent record, go to the timeline, there is a menu as shown below. You should find your activity entity there.

There must be some crucial step i'm missing then. Because i'm still not seeing it, (see attachment). I've also screen shotted the settings of the activity object I created. 

That's strange. can we connect on teams? I want to quickly see your setup. 



There are more steps to be done to the new UI to enable the activity entity. Make sure "Display in Activity Menus" checked and "Allow Quick Create" checked. Also, add the entity to the model-driven app. Step by step procedure given here:




I've followed all the instructions with a new activity item in case my previous one was broken, but it seems like no luck. See screenshots 

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