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Resolver I

Assign records as the admin but under another business unit.

I have a lookup table I use for records that users are to draw only their business unit records from.

For example, tasks for a time sheet. I have the time sheet set to org units only. When making a log, one of the entries is tasks which is a lookup. The tasks table has entries assigned to departments at the moment which I was filtering in the forms. However I want to implement business units only and assign the tasks to various units only so that marketing can't use accounting tasks by accident if they use advanced find on the form

I have been trying to assign the tasks to other teams or organisations, but it won't let me as I have to assign it to a user, but I don't want them to own the record, I want to own the record as admin, but still have it show up under their unit only, is this possible?

There are some tasks that are shared inside the tasks list, that I want to set to a unit everyone can see, i.e general admin

This is also so that it is easier to consolidate reports, rather than having multiples on sub task tables for each department

Worse case I will just have to assign to the team leader of each department and then read only.

Is there a better way to do this?



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