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Resolver I
Resolver I

Best practice for computer models with students and school results

After working with apps and SP lists, I now have access to Dataverse for Teams.
My problem is that I have not worked with relational databases and need to learn how to build data models in a smart way.
Where can I find help, video instructions, etc.?


I have created a number of apps that help teachers with administrative work to document the students' knowledge and development.
Maybe you have done something similar and are interested in an exchange of apps and experiences?


Best regards,


Karlstad, Sweden

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @OlaH ,

What kind of apps do you want to deploy? For teachers to record scores of students?

Usually, I will use SharePoint as my DataSource to save records created from my app. Then I will edit/create records from App side.

For example, you can create an app that connected to a SP list, all records about students will saved in this SP list. Teachers can use an app to view information about different students(these data are all from SP list), they can also create or edit records for different students(these updates will save back to SP list). 

Below articles and videos for you reference: 

For more other functions you want to have in your app, please provide more information(better with some examples) about these functions so that I can help you better. 

Best regards,


Thank you @v-albai-msft
Yes, thats what I have done for some years but now I'm moving on, in some cases, to Dataverse for Teams.
SP works fine in some cases and Dataverse for Teams better in some.


My question was regarding resources to learn about data models within relational databases.


Best regards


Thank you so much @v-albai-msft!

The videos I've seen but the module might be just what I need as a start.


Best regards


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