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Best way to update massive amount of rows

Hi Community,

I recently run into an issue where I need to update the value of a massive amount of rows. This is what I am looking at.


The below tables (entities) are being used in Dynamics 365.


Table "Project"

I have two columns: "Project ID" and "Project Type"


Table "Event"

I have two columns: "Event ID", "Project ID"

Each event record in this table is under a Project that exists in the "Project" Table, the "Project ID" column refers to which Project it is under (lookup field).


Table "Sales"

I have three columns: "Sales ID", "Event ID", "Project Type"

Each sales record in this table is under an Event that exists in the "Event" Table, the "Event ID" column refers to which Event it is under (lookup field).


(my actual tables have more than those columns but they are not relevant here)


Now when sales records are being created in Table "Sales", the "Project Type" column in Table "Sales" is blank by default and I will need to update it in the backend.


I created a Power Automate Flow to do this:

When a new record is created in Table "Sales".

Look up its "Event ID" in the Table "Event", and return the "Project ID".

Look up the returned "Project ID" in the Table "Project" and get the "Project Type" from Table "Project".

Write the returned "Project Type" to column "Project Type" in the Table "Sales".


I have tested the Power Automate Flow and it works so I know the logic is correct and working. However, my problems, sometimes, a massive amount of new records can be created in the Table "Sales" (50,000-100,000 records per day) which will trigger the Power Automate flow many many times (each new record will trigger the flow once) and then the Power Automate flow starts to fail or taking forever to run (I believe due to me going over the API call daily limit and Microsoft is throttling my requests to Dataverse).


I am wondering if there is a better way to do the above? Maybe going with Power Automate is a bad idea? I am not a coder so Power Automate kind of works well for me as it does not require too much coding knowledge.


Your input is greatly appreciated!

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