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Bug - Managed Solution will not import into a clean environment when a Card form is referenced by a control



I'm pretty sure that this is a bug.  I have a Solution where I have configured a Control on a sub grid to display a Card form (custom entity).  When I import the Solution (managed) into a clean environment I get the error systemform With Id = xxxxxxxxxxx Does Not Exist.  The form that CDS thinks is missing is the Card form.  I checked the Solution XML and that Card form with that ID definitely exists.  To get the solution import to work, I had to remove the control from the subgrid and repeat the export/import process into the new environment.


Remove Card form from control before solution import.png


Once the Solution is in the new environment, I had to go back to the source environment, add the control back on the subgrid and import the Solution into the new environment again.  That worked.


Hope this helps anyone else who come across this issue.


Does anyone know how I get this logged on Microsoft's bug fix backlog?

Super User
Super User

Hi @HSheild,

Already got this issue with card forms and another component type that escapes me now. I'm sure you already tried, but have you lodged the support request from the Power Apps Admin Center? If MS acknowledges it as a defect, you'll have to explain with a set of questions (mini business case) why this defect is important to help them prioritize it in their backlog...

Hope this helps!

Helper I
Helper I

So running into the exact same issue when using any custom read-only control on a subgrid. In this case I do NOT want the grid display the card form, so reflow behavior is set to "Grid Only". Despite this, the form editor still requires a card form be assigned. When attempting to import the solution to another environment, I run in to the same error as OP "systemform With Id = xxxxxxxxxxx Does Not Exist". Switching the grid back to default read-only seems to solve this issue, but now I am left with grids that will reflow to a card form (which just looks inappropriate for the kind of data I am trying to display).


Any ideas? Am I missing something, or is this a bug? 

Hi @ferris , you can work around this issue by adding the custom Read-only Grid control back to the form in your source environment and then import the solution into the destination. This issue only happens on the first import. Once the dependent card form is in the destination environment then the import solution will work with the custom control.

Helper I
Helper I

Thanks for the reply. Honestly not a fan of the card form grids for most scenarios, and find it ironic the turning them off creates the dependency issue rather than the other way around. But at least now I can make sure they don't show their ugly heads in my managed solutions.

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Kudo Kingpin

Hello @HSheild !


I do believe this is indeed a bug; I recently had that exact same problem. I can confirm that your workaround did indeed work. Thank you so much for posting this, I was really baffled by this error.


I think the source cause of this bug may also cause other bugs. Check out this idea, I have a feeling both issues have the same root cause:

Importing a solution with an entity which has a qu... - Power Platform Community (


Best Regards,



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