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Business Rule Triggering

I have a business rule that sets the record status based on fields referencing date fields in the record.  Scope is set to entity. 


Based on my testing it seems that the business rule will only apply if the record loaded in a form.  In other words, if you're looking at all records in a view, have applied the rule, and refreshed the view the business rule will not be applied.  So it seems that the business rule is ONLY in the context of a form. 


I assume only rollup and calculated fields are updated automatically without direct record interaction?


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Hi!  -  Business rules are executed when a form loads, a record is saved, or the fields that are evaluated in the rule have changed.  If your scope on the rule is set to Entity, it should execute when the fields you are evaluating in the rule have changed. It appears those fields would be the date fields in your case.  If those fields are not being changed, the rules would not execute.


If you are looking to have an action occur when a certain date in a field is reached without the fields updating, you will want to look at using other forms of automation that would wait until the date occurs or other conditions exist.


You are correct that rollup fields and calculated fields have system jobs that update them on a regular basis.  I hope this helps.

To clarify, calculated fields do NOT have associated system jobs. The value of a calculated field is calculated when a record is requested either in a form, view or other methods. The value of a calculated is not stored in the database, only the formula.

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